The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XVIII

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Gothlark and Fadem
I love the way your user name came from a dream Gothlark :happy:
Fadem I believe we have quite a few members who are younger than 15 :content: , you may like to read our “how old are you” topic
I hope you both enjoy your time at LD4all.

Hi everyone, I’m new. I’m 15 and live in the USA.

I stumbled onto lucid dreaming through researching an idea of mine for a way to control dreams (I had no previous knowledge of lucid dreams, though I had one when I was younger). I’ve been working on my dream recall for a few days now; however, my recall has always been pretty well. I look forward to lucid dreaming and maybe making a few friends.

Oh, and for anyone interested, my username’s based on one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, Kashmir. I’m a huge Zep fan.

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Kashmir1342
can you remember what your first lucid dream was about? we have a big “my first LD” topic in our dream diaries forum, you may like to post the dream there :grin: … there is also one for the very first dream that you can remember, that is an interesting topic too and it can be found in the same forum :content:

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all and start experiencing lots of great lucid dreams in the near future :happy:

:wave: welcome to Da_Grunt, Vénöm and twinky :smile:

/me thanks hebe for telling Da_Grunt about LD4all :boogie:
it’s great how members enjoy LD4all so much they get their friends to join too
don’t worry about going slightly off topic here, this topic is to allow you to tell us what you wish to reveal about yourself :wink:

oo xplosive58 brought you here too, Vénöm :thumbs:

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I hope you all enjoy being members of LD4all :cheer:

I’ve always loved the occasional times I’ve accidentally dreamt lucidly, but never even thought about the abiliy to induce it until recently.

About four years ago I realized I had a sleeping disorder called “Sleep Paralysis”, where I was paralyzed when I tried to wake up (about 3 times per month). At first it was terrfying, because I didn’t know what was going on, but after I looked it up, I thought of it as no more than a rare annoyance. But a two months ago, I was with my father when he had to go to the hospital for something. He told me it was going to take a while and gave me the option of staying in the car. I did, and since I was tired, I slept.

I woke up about ten minutes later, but was in the paralyzed state. As I had learned to do, I ignored the alarming thoughts and tried to calmly fall asleep again, but it was different this time. I fell asleep consciously, if that makes sense. I was aware while my thoughts were amplified and created a 3d world around me. This was the most amazing thing I had experienced till that point, but it had been beaten several times over in the next 2 1/2 hours as I dreamt 10 induced lucid dreams.

I haven’t been able to it since though :sad:, so that’s why I here.

Welcome to the forum! :welcome:

Very cool! Dunno how much I’d like the sleep paralysis, but at least you’re making the best of it! :smile:

Good luck in the future! :cool:

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A lot of lucid dreamers find that experiencing sleep paralysis is a great aid to getting LDs. Have you read the sticky “Sleep Paralysis and old hag” topic ?The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic
You will gather a lot of new information in the various topics at LD4all and will soon be experiencing LDs regularly :thumbs:

If you can remember the contents of your previous LDs you may like to start a dream journal in our dream diary forum so you can keep an online record of them. :content:

good luck with your dreaming :boogie:

Hello everyone! :happy:
I’m so excited that I found this website. Ever since I checked out an ebook of Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming and mastered my techniques I have been searching high and low for other people into lucid dreaming. And it appears as though I found the right place! I hope to make some new friends.

WILD~Child welcome here :slight_smile:

GL on ur quest to LD’s

:welcome: welcome to LD4all WILD~Child
:yes: it’s a great forum with a wide range of members. You are bound to make some great friends here :happy:
:thumbs: good luck with your lucid dreaming :wiske:

Hello. I am new. Not much else to say. :tongue:

:eh: /me notices Ambient.02’s sig and absorbs them into the forum :grin:

:wave: hello Ambient.02 welcome to LD4all :peek:

Guess what?
im new to this shit, and it sounds dope dudes! so where is all the fun stuff?

In your dreams Lagge, in your dreams. :razz:

:lol: that’s a brilliant answer Deperc :content:

:wave: hello Lagge, welcome to LD4all. I hope you enjoy your time spent with us. :content:

Hello there, I’m new. :peek:

I’m 15 and a once-in-a-while lucid dreamer- not too often, but often enough. Don’t have much control yet, but I’m getting better.

Sooo… hey.

Hey…jk! Welcome chambered_nautilus!

:welcome: hello chambered_nautilus, welcome to LD4all
/me wonders why you chose that name and hopes you post in our Why your user name - part II topic

My name is U.b., am 23 years old and reside in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Thinking I was having some psychological issues and/or suffering from some illness due to my twitches, shakes, extremely loud “sounds” that would originate from nowhere and feel disconnected from my physical body around bed time :bored: , a friend of mine said the two words that would totally change me. Lucid Dreaming. :cool_laugh: While he described this to me, I literally laughed out loud cause what he said was what I always thought I’d have problems telling others. I also laughed out of relief knowing that this intimidating process which I thought I’d go through before falling asleep for the rest of my life was merely a sign of my potential of inducing LD’s. :cool: I quickly picked up LaBerge’s book on LD and found myself still laughing, yet amazed at what I could possibly do in my dreams. Now I find myself almost obsessed, spending many day time minutes performing RL’s, thinking of what goals to create, and recalling previous dreams, counting down the hours for bed time. :eh:
I am glad to say that my first sucessful WILD was Tuesday morning - July 5th. Although short and not as vivid as I wished it was, I was absolutely delighted to feel and witness such a world. :grin: I have achieved MILD’s before and I’ve even began to try to conquer my fear of heights, by challenging myself (or the dreamworld I guess) by flying and falling, but finding myself in a WILD was such a goal that came with such familiarity to my previous “scary” encounters before knowing of LD’s and sleep paralysis. Hahaha :content:
Anyways, before I make this an essay, thank you to those that have welcomed me already and I hope to continue reading your stories, your suggestions, and soon be able to welcome another newcomer to the site. :smile:


Glad to have ya! Sounds like you’re going to be a good active member! :cool:

You mean RC’s? :smile:

Happy LD’s! :hyper:

Welcome scorpioub :smile:

I have a feeling your going to be very successful at Lucid Dreaming.