The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part IV

last night i had a vision during SP. i was reading something, but found i had misread it. i went back to read it again, but it had changed completely. i knew at once that this amounted to a failed reality, but was convinced it wasnt quiite a dream, so i fefrained freom opening my eyes for fear that the vision would fade and i would be fully awake again.
do reality checks work in SP visions?
should i have tried opening my eyes?

is it possible to have SP in like 30 minutes into sleeping? cuz i started having a lucid dream then and i decided to wake up but i couldnt move a muscle, i was scared, i tried so hard to move my hand…THen i eventually woke up breathing heavily. Is thisw real sleep paraylis?

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I am so freaked out now! I went last week with my friend to buy my ps3 and play multiplayer with my friend (RESISTANCE FTW!! LOL) and after we got done we decided we should go to bed. He tells me about lucid dreams and I listen. He tells me if I am really tired, go to sleep on my back, close my eyes and focus deeply on something to keep me awake while enetering a dream, that I would be able to control my dreams. I tried it, nothing. So I tried it every day since then (I DONT QUIT ANYTHING!!!) So last night, I tried it and I start seeing all these weird distorted figures walking towards me slowly… I try to reach for the pistol I keep under my bed but I cant move, I am so freaked out by this point that I try screaming, NO USE! the figures disappear. I count 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… and all of a sudden this wrinkled face is at the foot of my bed with red eyes staring at me. I see it for a while and the next thing i know im dreaming about something(CANT REMEMBER!) and i wake up sweating covers thrown off… I am now too afraid to even walk upstairs into my room. let alone go to sleep. WHAT THE HELL DID I EXPERIANCE! My friend told me this is a good dream site.

wtf? did you actually have tear marks on your face?

not too sure, my friend said i did, All i know of for sure is sweat lol

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But damn! That’s one nasty old hag (Right?), and mixed with SP… Yuck!
You might recognize your experience if you read the first post in part 1:
[The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic)


A sleep paralysis experience can be very scary when we don’t know what it is. I used to be terrified by it, not being able to move, and sometimes seeing and hearing things!

What is important to keep in mind, is the fact that this is hallucinations :cool: No matter how disturbing the images are (i usually get the sound of somebody walking towards my bed or somebody sitting on me) they aren’t real. It is just a sign that we are falling asleep, and the WILD process can sometimes make us experience this while we still think we are fully awake. Other lucid dreaming techniques, such as MILD, doesn’t have WILD’s risk of triggering SP.

Not even SP hallucinations have to be nightmares, btw. I sometimes get a cat jumping into my bed and sleeping peacefully :content:

Yeah but see. I didnt know they were hallucinations. I never even knew what happened when I WILD till now -.- im pissed at my friend tho cause he didnt tell me, he said just let it take you into dream land…

Don’t blame your friend :wink: SP is rare and it’s just bad luck you got it I guess. And SP with hallucinations is even more unlucky.

If you try to WILD again I’m pretty sure you won’t experience this.

I can only hope to have another Hallucination… I find it mind blowing - perhaps I’m a thrill seeker!

The point is Hallucinations rock (well, unless somehow they are VERY scary). SP can be kind of neat to experience… I only have had partial SP though personally.

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i’m new here, but i think about my dreams extremely often and remember them all of the time.
however, i am rather apprehensive about starting to LD. Doesn’t anybody here fear “sleep paralysis”? i’ve found it to be called astrocatalypsy, and it is the worst feeling i’ve felt so far in this world. not being able to breath, move, etc. but doesn’t it ever intimidate you guys? like it’s almost not worth being lucid? i used to have these more when i was a kid, but still fear them coming back. anything i can do to stay away from these but still LD, and overcome my fear, and more knowledge of it would be greatly appreciated. [:

:welcome: Have a good stay @, Tiny.

Sleep Paralysis, Old Hag, and the like can be frightening if you are not mentally ready. Whenever a fearful hallucination takes hold, repeat the mantra that “None of this is real, I am safe in my bed.” There is nothing to be afraid of. Your mind isn’t used to being conscious at the onset of sleep, and the first few times can be frightening.

Not being able to move is not that big of a deal if you keep your mind calm. Just focus on the Hypnagogic Imagery and you will be pulled into a dream sooner or later.

If this isn’t enough to confront your fears, keep in mind that WILD isn’t the only technique out there. Try Reality Checks and MILD.

The only thing I fear on the topic of Lucid Dreams is the Old Hag…

Of course, I’ve taken on the habit of wearing a mask or putting a blanket over my eyes so that if I DO see an Old Hag, I’ll know it’s not real for SURE.

SP is pretty freaky the first few times, but when you know how it feels, after a while it’s less shocking.

i haven’t seen anything yet, but i used to not be able to not move a lot when i was a kid. i thought it was the same dream and i experienced it while i was in the dream, but i talked to my friend about it and he identified it. the thing is, if i’m not even half decent and becoming lucid yet, how am i supposed to realize something when i was loads of fear on me?

If you can manage to get SP easily then you should be happy. In SP you can easily enter a lucid dream. You just have to calm yourself and perhaps say something like “I am not going to move. I have chosen not to move cause now I’m going to sleep and have a lucid dream” and then you try to enter a dream. If you’d see hallucinations, act as if you’re already in a dream (cause you practicly are), if you see a monster then imagine an arrow flying through it making the monster burst into a rain of flowers or something. Just play with the hallucinations and you will gain control of them as well.

My first post :silent:

Just started reading up on Lucid Dreaming today, really peaked my interest.

To the point, I came across information on sleep paralysis.

For two or three years now, I’ve been experiancing this at least a couple of times a week. I attributed it to a reocurring nightmare until now.

Is it normal to experiance SP this often? :\

SP occurs when you wake up while in REM sleep. Most people experience this when having a nightmare which wakes them up.

There’s nothing un-normal about SP :wink: I suggest you should take advantage of this to have lucid dreams :razz:

Any tips to keep myself calm during sp? I’m used to freaking out and waking myself up, haha.

I remeber seeing some hallucinations of evil clowns… I hate clowns.

And to stay callm just think that after it’s done you’ll be in an LD. And remember that your body goes through it every night when you’re sleeping any way.

I finally had SP, and I didn’t use it for my advantage -.-’

I had woken up at 6:16 (yeah, the real number of the beast), and went back to bed. Then I find myself paralyzed, and I get the feeling of being pulled up (must say it was pretty shocking =P). Next thing I know, I see a door filled with light, actually, it’s made by light, it appears. I see a ghostly figure besides it, and I hear mentally someone telling me to “follow Jesus”.
I did some magick prior to this evening (yep, the kind God hates :tongue: )

Must say I’m impressed with this. My mind knew just what to do with me ^^
I hope it happens again soon =P