odd sort of "feeling", anyone else experience this

okay so first off: last night was the first night i started my lucid dreaming quest, im sort of doing a lazy version this week as i have finals and because next week im going serious LD style, im going to buy a specific journal and pen to only use for writing down dreams and i have already picked out a couple hypnotic-ish songs that really put you in an out there state.

Anyways, last night i decided to do this exact “workout” i told myself i would dream tonight, that i would remeber the dream, the dream would be lucid, and that i would countdown from 100, when i reached 54 i would have a dream. So as i counted down from 100 every 5 numbers i would say one of my steps ; i.e. 96, 95, im going to dream, 94, 93,92, 91, 90, im going to remeber it. I reached 54 a couple times with nothing, around the 5th try my body felt like… numb i guess, it was like i knew i was in bed but i couldn’t move, and at the same time i knew i wasn’t in a dream because i could think, i also could’nt open my eyes. Another weird thing is if i thought of doing something, or basically did something in my mind i would sort of “feel” it, like i imagined flying, and i almost felt as if my body was moving through nothing… like air i guess. ALSO, another really weird thing was that during this my body would randomly like jerk, my arm would just shoot up a bit then fall back, but i could feel it but at the same time i coulld’nt, and even a couple seconds after the jerk i wondered if it really happened O_o

It was really weird but cool, i’m going to try this out tonight, i also didn’t remember my entire dream, but i remembered one piece of it(at first i didn’t think it was a dream until i thought about it) : I woke up in my bed(in my dream) and i heard my cat meowing, my mom then told me that determing how the cat meows it determines if i have a voice or an acting voice.(the hell ?!?O_o)

Anyways, yah, that was my first night at this, i can’t wait to fall asleep tonight :razz:


Sounds like an odd case of SP. I’ not even sure myself what it is that you speak of.

hmm yah, but i wasn’t afraid, also, about the arm jerking thing, if i remember, both my arms did it, and i think my fingers would do it a bit too, but it was weird how like, i couldn’t feel it, i thinkl the best way to describe it was i could feel the pressure, like of my hand hitting the bed and pushing into it, also these werent like hardcore exorcism jerks, this was like " oh look, my hand just sort of bounced up and down". But each time, after a couple seconds i wondered if it really happened or if i just made it up O_o. It was really weird.

That’s definitely an example of SP. You were probably very close to falling asleep; often, at these stages, it’s easy to influence your HH in order to form specific sensations, as you spoke of. If you play your cards right at this point in the future, you’ll probably be able to WILD without considerable difficulty.

For more information, check out The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic and The BIG WILD Topic.

I induce that sort of situation alot, or atleast try to, i can usually get there after waking up in the morning and going back to sleep over and over again. anyway once u realize that you are in such a state what you have to do is sorta try to let go of control and forget about ur real body. once you get that state of mind you will feel your body begin to float away from ur body and drift like across your bedroom. almost everytime ive done this, after i drift for a few seconds i feel like i land on my floor, then i open my dream eyes and im sittin on my bedroom floor in a LD. its quite an experience

wow mirra thanks, im going to try to do this again tonight but then instead of focusing on sensations like i did last night ill try to “float away”

ill post how it turns out :happy:

yea like i said dont try to manipulate anything or force anything to happen. just relax and allow ur body to do whatever on its own. the same thing seems to happen to me and like i said its the coolest feeling…good luck…maybe ill get lucky too


I LOVE those feelings. It’s those things that make me enjoy WILD so much.

.< argh… my comp froze. Wasn’t sure of it went threw.>

okay well, to my dissapointment nothing happened last night, I didn’t even remeber a bit of a dream or go into any sort of a “state”, im guessing it was for these reasons:

  1. i wasnt relaxed as i had a science final to write today
  2. i rushed to bed since it was late
  3. my brother was making alot of noise in the room next to me
  4. I tried to hard, i.e. i was focusing to hard and i also had some LD-ish music going, really in the end i just overdid it and need to relax more and let it flow.

So yah, basically im going to try again tonight, my final tomorow is drama, but we already did our actual final so were just having a breakfast potluck and watching our performance on video :razz:

PS: when making a dream journal(a written one) did you just use any old notebook and pen, or did you actually set aside a special notebook, not some crappy school one and used a specific new good pen(pencil?)


be patient…it has taken me a while to get where i am and i still am not very good at wild at all…just get lucky here and there…or sometimes when my dream concludes i end up dreamless while asleep and suddenly conscious, where i can float into a dream after that…which is kinda the same…i think i achieve that with a different type of method ive been trying…

for my Dream Journal, I used to just use a leftover notebook from school and ripped out the pages with school stuff on them. Now I just have a microsoft word document on my computer that I write my dreams in.

okay so, last night at first i thought i didn’t have a dream(sneaky dreams) But later on i remebered something, but thought it really happened, then on the way to school i realised it was a dream(YAY i remembered another one!)I don’t remember much but i do remember this:

I was driving down the street i live on with my dad(he was driving) and a blue talon was in front of us(the car, not a blue claw:P, my brother drives a blue talon BTW) and my dad was getting so mad because this person was a horrible driver, i sort of knew it was my brother ands eventually the talon turned into the left lane(the street i live doesnt even have another lane…) And i saw that it was my brother driving(his friend steve in the passenger seat). I told my dad this but it seemed like he couldn’t hear me at all or something, eventually he rolled down this window and started screaming at my brother(but its as if he didn’t know it was…).

That’s all i remember, but i’m happy enough to know i’ve remembered 2 dreams this week so far, and that’s good enough for me seeing as i STARTED to get into LDing only this monday.