The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part IV

This is a split topic, the links to previous parts are Part I Part II Part III

Could someone clarify a experience I had.
I was trying out WILD yesterday, I got pretty far in. I started listening to a mp3 until I saw a picture of a landscape behind my eyes, lots of trees, grass and fields. I was like Wow! I’m really close! my heartbeat went REALLY fast, then my face went REALLY hot/red, as though blood was rushing to my face (it was extremly uncomfortable) my right eye then opened fully, (mine like to open alot during the WILD process) I saw my room but I closed my eyes again but nothing was there.

What do I need to do?, Just stay calm at this point, start counting? Also, was the blood rusing to my face apart of the SP process?

I don’t know about the rush of blood, but I think the fast heartbeat is normal.

I’ve only experience Old hag when lay on my back. I’ve read that the laying on back sleep is sometimes called corpse pose and historically, people believed that because of this corpse like position, demons, death, “witches”, would mistake you for one. I like the theory, not because it could be at all right, but it sounds nice like a fairy tale. So that is why you are more likely to experience Old Hag syndrome when lying like dead person. :smile: Now about fairies… I remember when I was younger after lying in bed for a while I would see red sometimes green blue and purple very small, flying about my room. They would come under the door, and then swoop around in loops and make shapes such as the flag. I was wondering if anyone else ever saw such creatures…

lol those aren’t real, its just HI and stuff it happens a lot but they aren’t realy fairies.

hehe i know. but i like to call them that.

Hello all :wink: I’m new to both LD’ing and these forums… Now that i readed about old hag and sp… Any advice how to not get these while doing WILD etc…? Would be happy if it still reduces the chance of getting one…

I apologize for my bad english :wink: I hope you still understand.

Don’t worry about it. Hardly anyone gets it while awake, and if you do, it’s completely harmless. Even if the first time is scary, it’s nothing to worry about after that.

And your English is just fine. :wink:

I had sleep paralysis in my right arm the night before last… although it could have been the fact that I was sleeping on it. Interesting… yes? no? oh goodie :smile:

I recently had an experience I was sleeping in bed and woke up I felt as though someone was behind me and I couldn’t move I rarely get this but I do suffer from it. More so when I was a kid I suffered from Old Hag I would wake up and feel as though there was a precents of a old women sitting on my feet and other such things.

Yet, I have not experienced a dream paralisis. Altough it will be scary, I would like to get one. :happy:

I had a very odd experience last night. In my dream, I was walking down a street, then woke up into SP. However, when I tried to move a limb, I felt it move as if my body was still in the dream. Despite being able to see the real world, when I tried to move my legs, I could still feel the road beneath them. I could feel my arms move, but saw them lying motionless on my bed. After concentrating, I was able to fully wake up, but has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Hey all!

I had two SP experiences so far. The first one was last year when I awoke during the night in an uncomfortable position, with the bed sheet over my face not being able to move and feeling a presence of a person near my bed.

The second one was actually last night. It was very hot and I couldn’t sleep properly the whole night, always falling asleep for a bit, then waking up again. Suddenly at one point I felt my legs and arms go numb and I got a dizzy, spinning feeling in my head. I tried to move and I couldn’t, so I thought it must be SP and I wanted to use it to enter a dream, so I tried to visualize some dream scene. Instead suddenly I was able to see my room, although I didn’t open my eyes, but my vision was shaking badly and I also was breathing very fast and felt a bit like choking. Then suddenly everything stopped. Was this an SP?

The weird things is, and I really don’t know what to do about it, while all of this happens to me my mind is quite clear, and I am not scared at all. However I am always very scared before or after such an experience. For example tonight I am quite scared that I might enter an SP unwillingly. This doesn’t make sense, because I do not feel any fear while actually experiencing the paralysis.
I don’t know what to do about that fear, and I feel like it’s a barrier preventing me of having WILDs.

That really sounds like a SP, Selena. Since you don’t experience fear whilst dreaming I suggest you try to confront your fear as much as possible and it will go away just as easy.

I think I’m suffering from this phenomena you call Sleep Paralysis.
I’ve read somewhat in the SP threads about the old hag, aliens etc but SP for me is quite different and it’s constant reocurring and quite a problem. I do not have troubble breathing or do not se any creatures.

However, I hear strange noises and it feels like something or somebody’s watching me and it feels like forces pulling me in every direction, sort of tumbling my body. It’s hard to explain. I also hear strange noises like whisperings, footsteps running, babies crying and other strange things. The worst thing is that I can’t move and i can’t scream or anything. This can be quite scary sometimes and it’s really hard to wake up from it aswell. I have to close my eyes and start shaking my head really hard and say to myself, “WAKE UP”.

I get this 1-3 days a week and sometimes more often and I can’t really get a good nights sleep because of this. I know it’s not dangerous but it freaks me out all the time and I get really stressed out. I never see anything in the room I just hear lots of strange things. And one time the bed started to shake like an earthquake or something.

So if anyone have any ideas how to get rid of these nightmares or whatever they are or how i can tame them or use them to get in to a ld instead, I would be really grateful.



That’s right, SP is a perfect chance to get into a lucid dream. Just close your eyes and let yourself visualise a dream, it appears to be really easy. But if you just want to wake up I suggest you start small. Try to move your finger, then your hand, then your arm, then your torso and before you’ll even have noticed you can completely move again. That’ll go much faster then trying it all at once. And by the way, it’ll always help greatly if you do not panic. :wink:

Thanks, but the problem is that I’m having troubble not to panic because I know how hard it is for me to wake up and that makes it even harder. I’m trying to stay calm but something just makes me panic.
Since I can’t control it, I think the best thing would be just not to get into SP at all. But I will try to visualise a nice dream and see how it works.

Allright. And remember, if you want to move, start small. :content:

I’ll keep you updated :wink:

I had another SP last night. I fell into SP and couldn’t move, as usual. There were alot of strange noises. Like really high whispering and it felt like wind was blowing. It felt almost like when Frodo in Lord of the rings puts the ring on his finger. :smile:
So I started thinking of what you said Moinsquerien. Thinking that nothing of this is dangerous. That I just have to relax and visualize a nice dream.
I started to relax and wow how good that felt. The tense in my body relieved and it really felt like I was floating. Really strange, but great feeling I must say.
However the creepy noises and the strange darkness where still there so I had a hard time focus. But i managed to start thinking of something nice and felt another strange thing which I can’t explain. Like in a movie where you start to see a light dot in the middle of the screen. And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger until it fills the whole screen. Like some sort of transition. This made me really exited with all new feelings and everything so I woke up. Knowing that I had been dreaming and very exited. I felt really relaxed and fell into very nice and deep sleep. :smile:

I think I’m getting somewhere :happy:

Wow, that is a brilliant progress! :cool_laugh: I am very happy you faced your SP so well! :content: And I’m happy too to hear about this nice deep sleep. :smile:

Keep us informed about any more progress, atleast if you’d like. :happy: