The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part V

Two night ago, I’ve try to stay awake and enter in a dream. Before, I’ve decided to make an exercice of relaxation. I felt a kind of floating, but there was no light in my room and I felt frightened. I imagined a kind of monster or something that can arise in front of me, but I realized that I could’nt move. So I decided to stop it, and little by little I did not feel paralyse any more. Was it a kind of Sleep paralysis ?

And last night I’ve kept the light on to make the same exercice of relaxation and I didn’t imagine and see anything, but I heard weird things, like steps. Can we hear things during sleep paralysis ?

Should head on over to the “FAQs and Tutorials” section and look at some of the great WILDing guides. Also it is very likely to hear/see things durring SP, called HH, HI, or HS.

Ok, thank you !
I knew that during SP we often see thing but I didn’t know about sound :smile:

If you don’t sleep on your back, it probably won’t happen to you.

If you ever experience it fully, you’ll never want to experience it again.


I have read many times that it can happen as you wake up, so that would really be unavoidable.

I think the people who say that it’s nothing or that it’s fun have never really experienced it. They’ve just been aware of the moment before they fall asleep.

That’s basically saying that anyone who claims that they didn’t find it absolutely terrifying is lying by default. I don’t think that’s a fair call to make. People experience things differently, after all.

Well, I don’t think waking up is that required of a step for a WILD induction :tongue:

Also arne, there’s SP where you just can’t move, and SP where it’s dark and eyes plays you tricks and some shadow appears in the corner of the eye and people get scared and the whole thing spirals down into some freaky encounter, but they’re both SP experiences. Get my point?

I’ve had SP and ‘old hag’. In my case, the hag was a medusa/gorgon peering at me from the corner of my sight. I knew it was a hallucination, so I didn’t freak out. Now I’m not too sure about this anymore, but the colors I could see in my room were dull, reminded me of Silent Hill but not quite as drastic.

Me I was around 17 when I experienced my first SP. There was this evil dark hunchback creature just looking at me, I was helpless paralyzed and I couldn’t scream. Finally I got out of it, I started researching and I thought it was a succubi or some other demon. I should probably brush up on my malleus maleficarum. or it’s just a HH

I’ve experienced SP a couple of times. And I’m planning on it again tonight. I do it just to relax and fall asleep as practice, but I don’t actually try and LD until the second time after my alarm clock goes off. I love it because once it kicks in, your feeling starts going away. And it’s almost as if you’re kind of floating on a cloud. It’s so easy to fall asleep then, too. :meh:

Have anyone here succeeded in making SP less horrorfull?
I have problems with SP and seeing and hearing voices, horrific images and voices (like the girl in the ring who crawls up from the well) and accompaning voices telling me Im gonna die.
I truly hate those! I only have one way of getting out of them and that´s when I eventually getting able to move my hand and arm to wake up my husband.
You may think I should get used to it but Im not, it would be more ok if I wasnt seeing horrific things.

The strange thing is that as I cannot manage what I see when having a SP, I can somewhat manage what happens in my dreams. Shouldnt these be connected? Am I thinking/doing something wrong?
Now Im off to bed hopefully not getting an SP, :content: just nice dreams :content:

Hello, I want to ask you something.
Sometimes, maybe once in a week, while dreaming, I become in some kind “lucid”, other words, I find out that I’m in dream(in bed) and then, I can’t move, or anything.
And, most painful exp. , while that, I hear some powerful sound in my ears, unbearable, I think that I’ll never hear anything again, and, it’s pretty disturbing too(can’t move, heavy sound).
It’s happening me couple of years, while that, I’ve learned how to stop this, but sometimes doesn’t work. Really weird…
I’ve asked all my friend does that happen anytime to them, answer is no…
In this past years, I became more religius than before, some sad me, that devil is in me…Nothing else to say, does in happening to you ?

I’m not sure but I think it’s SP… nothing to worry about. I never had one but many people have hallucinations… both visual and audio. :razz: If it happens again, try to move your toes a little bit, I heard it works great but I ain’t a specialist.

Trolls. What you could have off done is ask a doctor, not your religious grandma or whoever. My grandma had this and she tought her neighboor cast a curse on her or something because she saw her sitting on her lungs (hallucination).

Now, what you need to do is have an open mind while you’re reading this, and think about is the theory about devil better to listen than theory of all scientists and doctors.

What you got is called sleep paralysis. You enter this EVERY night so you couldn’t move IRL while you’re dreaming. The thing is that you don’t notice it because you’re either already dreaming or you’re uncouncious in deep sleep. The sounds and visual hallucinations is nothing but your mind confused (your mind doesn’t know why the body cannot move, thus it subcounciously creates a story about devil, or in my grandma’s case, a story about a witch neighboor) mixed with a near-dream state called hypnagogia (Google it!).

You can exit councious sleep paralysis by trying to move your finger, or focusing to your breathing and breathing heavily. There is a number of other ways to exit, but one of these two will most likely work. … highlight=

Now, why do you even want to exit it if you can have a lucid dream or an OBE out of it? Just try not opening your eyes the next time you wake up from a dream and try getting in the dream back (imagine your being sucked back to it). If that doesn’t work, try imagine rolling out of bed. The important thing is to stay lucid and know that everything you see is not reality and can’t hurt you in any way. Once you realize this, hallucinations and sounds from hypnagogia will become pleasent, you will enjoy them.

I have councious SP every other night (but I have the dream-entering one, you have dream-exit councious SP) and I recall being frighten of it only the first time. And trust me, hypnagogia can be a wonderful thing. Like a few days ago I had a hallucination that I was flying and I hear the most beautiful music in the world, you can’t describe it with words. The best thing is the whole time I knew its nothing but a hallucination. It was a really, really nice experience.

SP combined with bad hallucinations is called “old hag” (Again, google it!)

Good luck with your SP, improving hypnagogia, and finally, good luck with having LD’s.

Stay lucid and Alive! :tongue:

I expereinced SP first time couple years ago, and it wasn’t a little fun …
Last time was 2 nights ago…

took another nap today, and had another wet dream, not lucid though

sometimes when i fall asleep i feel like someone is pushing me. is this part of SP?

I’m certain i never experienced Old Hag.
I’m fairly certain i never experienced SP either. Or rather, that i never remembered it.

I want to.
As i read previous posts, the general consensus is that WILD is the path to it?
I’ve done quite a bit of WILDing. Recently for a week , i’ve actually trained myself enough to go deep enough to lose conscious thought but not slip into a normal dream or sleep, instead “waking” back within a few minutes. After several hours of this (i’d say ~7) i haven’t experienced body paralysis. It did feel distant, remote, it’s information flow very hampered, but i could move at any time. As a sidenote, if it’s relevant, i also didn’t succeed in producing a LD with WILD during this time. Normally when trying WILD, i simply fall deep enough to sleep or ND, without SP.
edit: Forgot another mention, dunno if it’s relevant either, but… During this week i also experienced an unusually high number of hypnogogic jerks, which are quite rare for me otherwise.

another edit^^:
I stumbled across stopdrop&roll thread (thanks Scipio Xaos!) and decided to give that a shot. WILD with resisting the body query “hello mind are you asleep” of roll over.

Any other suggestions as to how to try achieve it?
If i understood the term right, i’ll actually have trouble seeing Old Hag if i’m not afraid of the SP when it happens?

  1. Get lucid

  2. Get weapons

  3. Summon old hag

  4. Shoot that bitch

  5. ???

  6. Profit!

^^^ That was really insightful comment, thanks. rolls eyes

Anyways, I experience SP from time to time, and first I was scared, a lot. I didn’t know about SP back then and I had no clue what’s happening. I felt how I was falling asleep, but for some reason I thought that if I fall asleep something bad will happen. So I always tried to fight it and eventually woke up completely. I knew about LD’s and I was having them back then though. So, one night I decided that I will try to fall asleep once I experience this “feeling” (still not aware of the fact that it’s SP), so sure enough, as soon as I got SP again, I tried to calm down, I was nervous and the scary feeling was still there, but like I said, I tried to calm down and slowly drifted to sleep. Turned out to be nice, vivid LD.

I’ve grown to like the feeling of SP, even though I don’t have it too much. It always surprises me, hell sometimes even scares me a bit, but once I realise what’s going on, I calm down, and fall asleep. Needless to say, SP is always surprising for me, I never really expect it to happen, that’s where the shock comes from.

It’s different, it’s not what your body feels like most the time, that’s why you may find it scary, that’s why I found it scary and the stories of “old hag” certainly don’t help.