The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part IV

Could you guys maybe give me your opinions on this?

The first time I experienced sleep paralysis, I was lying flat on my back, had no idea what was going on, felt like something evil was standing beside my bed, and was terrified. That was many months ago, and since then I’ve discovered lucid dreaming and became knowledgable of what SP is. I know for a fact that what I experienced that night was SP.

The night before last, I was in the middle of having a very vivid dream, then suddenly I felt myself laying in my bed on my side, facing the wall. I couldn’t move my body, and had the sensation that someone was standing beside my bed behind me. My eyelids felt like they couldn’t open all the way. I recognized this as probable SP, and just relaxed and closed my eyes, waiting for it to pass, feeling no fear this time. However, things weren’t as “clear” this time as they were the first time I had SP. It almost felt “dreamlike” this time, when the first time everything was so vivid and clear and terrifying. Then I had a false awakening. I got out of bed in an unfamilar room and began getting ready. Again, my eyelids felt like they couldn’t open all the way. Not too long after that, I actually awoke.

Last night, I had my first lucid dream. When the dream finally faded away, I again felt myself laying in bed on my side, not facing the wall this time. My body felt heavy and paralyzed yet again, and I felt the familar scary presence in my room associated with SP. My eyelids felt like they couldn’t open all the way. Again, I closed my eyes and relaxed, waiting for it to pass. Like last time, it didn’t feel very clear, it felt very foggy and “dreamy”. I had another FA after this. This FA was very vivid and clear, unlike last time. In the FA, I got out of bed and thought “Wow, I just had my first lucid dream. I need to write this down before I forget it.” I walked over to my bookcase and found some random journal that I’ve never even seen before and sat on my bed to write. Then I woke up.

My question is… Do you think the “SP” I experienced over the past two nights was actual sleep paralysis? Or was it… Maybe false sleep paralysis? Because things seemed so dreamlike and I had false awakenings immediately following them, I was thinking that maybe I just dreamed that I was having sleep paralysis and conquering my fear of it, and maybe the “sleep paralysis” was part of the FA? I just remember feeling such an intense fear the first time I experienced this, and everything was so vivid and clear. These past two times haven’t been scary at all, and they just seemed very dreamlike. However, I did wake up both times in the same position I was in during the sleep paralysis, so this leads me to believe that perhaps it was actual SP… Hmm, I don’t know… :confused:

What about your breathing during these SPs?
I don’t believe the 2 SPs were fake, because FA occurs when you are very close to reality but your subconscious still doesn’t want to wake up. You could not feel them very clear and vivid because of the first time. If they would become very clear and vivid, then that fear would also become extremely powerful and possibly lead to very fast heartbeats which can affect your health. This way, you just kept it “dreamy” and then stepped again into the dreamworld. Unlike the first time, you kind of “ignored” the SP.

Ahh, that makes sense. :happy: I don’t really remember what my breathing was like, though. Thanks for the insight! You’re right, the past 2 times it has happened, I knew exactly what was going on, so that must have toned everything down so to speak.

I’m frustrated, like many of the people in this thread, but not because i suffer from SP, or anything like that. I’m actually frustrated because so many of you are frustrated with it!
I tried WILD once successfully, and i had the fast heartbeat and everything that a lot of people seem to get. Unlike most people, however, i wasn’t afraid at all, i was just excited!
I just wish i could somehow have the issue some of you have, and experience regular SP naturally, without having to bother with deep meditation.
The way i see it, SP = Trance = focus 10 = mind awake body asleep. It’s the psychotic bad trip threshold to lucid dreams and astral projection.

Maybe rather than treating SP as something that you should get rid of, or get used to, consider that the issue isn’t SP. The issue is that you’re afraid of SP.

Thanks for putting up with me while i complain, i hope i haven’t offended anyone :shy:

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I have a question. My friend was sleeping in my house yesterday, and she’s into LDing too (Perhaps not as much as me but anyway). I made her read a couple of LD articles and we went too sleep. We were both trying to get a Lucid Dream, but neither of us were succesfull; When I closed my eyes I fell asleep after a second, but my friend made FILD and she got sleep paralysis (On her first try :woo: ). Now in the morning, we woke up and talked, and when she did FILD (Just for fun) she got sleep paralysis after a couple of seconds. The SP only reached her right above her legs. Was that really an SP, or was she just making fun of me? (Okay, I know she wasn’t doing it becouse she didn’t look tense or so, she was completely relaxed). And is it possible to have it in the morning, when you’re fully awake? She didn’t freak out at least, and I thought it was quite funny. Luckily, I knew how to get her out of SP, so everything went well.

Oh my god, I should have never read about this old hag stuff O_O

Knowledge is power. People who know about it, if it occurs during SP will know it is nothing to be afraid of and can relax and look forward to a possible LD.

Well, its better than not knowing what is going on, I guess.

I’m not sure if this was SP or what, but please help me out!

After having one of the best LDs of my life, I woke up very early and went for a walk/took a shower. Still being tired, I fell asleep in bed while half sitting on my back (a way in which I can never usually fall asleep unless I’m napping) facing my open window. Anyway, I have several dreams in which I almost become lucid (this is where I doubt it was an SP) and have a false awakening (or so I believe). However, usually when I have a false awakening my room doesn’t look right and in this one it looked perfect.

It gets fuzzy…but I am aware I am lying in bed in this position yet do nothing to move (so I’m not sure if I could move at this point) when I start imagining my dream body slowly getting up from a couch in a similar sitting position I am in. I feel like I’m imagining this because I’m trying to get up myself but all I can do is let my dream body get up. I repeat this several times and suddenly I feel totally disconnected from my body and like a vacuum in my roof is forcefully pulling me up through it! It felt so real–I could feel it pulling the skin on my cheeks up really hard (it hurt!). I’m hearing a voice repeat my name very fast. I start to think that this could be SP, so I try to induce a LD (though I don’t really know how, so I just try to let it take me somewhere–anywhere!) but all I can feel is myself being sucked up. Finally, I’m back in the original position and I open my eyes (at least I think so) to see my room and close them quickly because I want to try to LD again. Same thing happens to no avail. Finally, I’m getting scared so I try to move my hand and I just have a sensation of numbness for a few seconds before I fully wake up.

Now my question–was this SP or a lucid dream where I had a false awakening and thought it was SP? Gaaah :confused:

Ive heard the term old hag lots of times, but have no Idea what it is. Think anyone can help me on this one?

i searched google :user:–someone on dreamviews asked the same question. :wink:

old hag!! -runs-

The Old Hag is a general term for any unpleasant hallucinations or feelings you get whilst in a state of sleep paralysis. Most people aren’t affected by sleep paralysis but when trying to WILD, you’ve got a much higher chance of getting sleep paralysis. I’ve found that whenever I WILD, I always get sleep paralysis before I start to dream but only get unpleasant ‘Old Hag’ effects if I let myself panic or become scared by the paralysis. If you stay calm, you shouldn’t get scared by what you see and you’ll hopefully slide nicely into a lucid dream.

That said, I haven’t tried a WILD in over a year (gonna try one tonight though :grin:. The last few times I tried I got pretty bad Old Hag feelings (felt as though someone was sliding up the bed next to my legs and hissing at me and seeing my dressing gown on fire were the worst ones) so I stopped trying to WILD except on mornings, which was never really that successful and in the end I gave up.

I have never got far enough in WILD to actually reach SP but I do have SP occasionally after awakening. Sometimes I’m SP but don’t realise it, but the instant I realise I begin to hallucinate. Here’s what usually happens during my SP experiences.

First of all, I’m basically locked there in position (it feels like I’ve been tied up…also hence the name Sleep Paralysis) and can’t move. Rarely I have the feeling I’m suffocating (it’s a scary feeling; I’ve only experienced it twice) which makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Second, the auditory hallucinations kick in. The hallucinations are usually buzzing or popping sounds, similar to the sound you hear when you yawn (the ‘whooshing’ sound). Amongst these sounds are incomprehensible whispers and laughs, but sometimes I can understand what they are saying.

The tactile sensations set in next, and these happen the majority of the time. For me, it is usually a falling sensation or the feeling that my bed has been tilted 45 degrees (it can be hard to get enough grip to stay on, and when you’re paralyzed, it’s a lot harder). Somewhere amongst these sensation is this feeling someone has just climbed on top of me (the Old Hag, maybe).

I don’t think I’ve ever had any visual hallucinations (I don’t open my eyes) during SP.

The first time in SP can be frightening, but I’ve come to terms with SP and it is quite interesting and weird at the same time. Sometimes it can be freaky, but I know it’s all in my head. My next objective is to try and turn SP into a lucid dream.

I had three experiences with sleep paralysis last night. Over the years, I have dealt with sleep paralysis and learned not to fear them. I read a pdf a while ago that had a specific method on how one can become lucid while using sleep paralysis. Apparently sleep paralysis is a naturally occurring function of the body. I also learned that to get out of it all you have to do is breath in and out deeply.

All three times I’ve concentrated on calming down.
On the first time, I prepared myself in my dream for the sleep paralysis to appear. It feels like a pulsing headache or crack in reality. I allowed it to blanket my whole body and i felt the static all over my body. It’s generally really really loud as well. It lasted for a while so I decided to breath in and out to wake up.

Is there a specific way to go from that sleep paralysis to dreaming. Or did I have sleep paralysis while dreaming?

thanks =]

Yeah, breathing in and out works for me when I want to wake up from SP; and yes it is a ‘defense mechanism’ which prevents the dreamer acting out their dreams in REM.

I’m a little naive when it comes to turning SP into a dream (I am still trying), although I do hear that visualising a scene whilst in SP works well. Before I attempt a WILD I want to VILD so I can visualise effectively. However, there are other methods avaliable to go straight into a lucid dream; but I’m not an expert when it comes to WILDing, so I can’t help you much. Sorry :sad:

And, like you said SP can be experienced in a false awakening. It’s not true SP but it’s what your mind imagines it to be like (you’re likely to experience SP in a false awakening if you’ve heard of it beforehand).

I was reading this topic and just had an OSHI- moment.

Back when I was around 10 years old I had this unusually vivid dream of me playing basket ball and I jumped and I was floating in the air, and I couldn’t move until 2 secs after I fell back down…

Does this sound like SP?

Seriously screwed myself now I have read this lol.
This kinda stuff really gets to me :sad:

No. SP is described as Sleep Paralysis - You are awake (or seem to be awake) but cannot move. Can be accompanied by extreme fear.

What you experienced was within the dream itself.

I had some pretty terrifying experiences with SP a few weeks ago, and had some mild episodes recently. I’ll describe them.

The first one was pretty scary. I ‘woke up’ in my bed to find I was paralysed, and I also heard intense buzzing sounds. Then, I heard a growling sound behind me, and I felt a huge hand grab my cover. It didn’t pull the cover off, but it started clawing at the cover. The growling got louder, and then I felt the ‘thing’ growling and breathing down my neck. I was really scared at this point, but I did wake up.

The second was the longest and moderately scary. This huge demon thing pushed my bed aside, tilted in 180 degrees and I fell off of my bed. Instead of hitting the floor I continued fallng in an endless loop, seeing these demons (not vividly, but I did have my eyes closed; however I could see visuals, which is now becoming visible in my SP episodes) laughing at me. The third episode was similar to this.

The fourth episode wasn’t scary after I knew what was happening. The first 3 seconds were frightening for me, but when I had a sensation that I was falling at 300mph, it was actually really fun. While falling at 300mph (felt like), I was doing hundreds of barrel rolls and backflips involuntarily. It was fun, but the insanely loud buzzing sensation was painful.

Not sure if this was a SP episode or not, but last night I woke up and briefly heard a huge crashing noise. I was partially paralysed at the time but snapped out of it 10 seconds later. I wondered what it was, because I used to experience this a lot as a child.

Other than last nights, I haven’t had any other recent SP experiences - I usually have a few episodes a month but this month seems to be a hotspot for my episodes!

Is it possible to WILD/SP/That business off of regular sleep? Some say it’s possible, others say you can only do it off of dozing/naps.

Link to Part V of this topic :moogle: