Please Confirm WTH happened 2 me. Shaking Vibrations.

Hi. I’m new. I’ve been lurking for about a week or so. I had my very first short lucid a couple days ago. It was so cool…it was just a matter of realizing I’m dreaming and confirming it (I did the finger to palm test) and I was suddenly snapped to awareness and it felt so real.

I was so excited to do it again the next night, so from hours before bedtime I was visualizing the setting I wanted to see and questions i wanted to ask, etc…(dream incubation, you call it, right?)

At one point I ‘woke’ up and was shaking violently. It felt and sounded like I was holding a jackhammer or like the sound a helicopter was landing or like one of those wind vanes that beat with the speed of the wind. It began over my whole body but it got louder, and more concentrated in my head as it got ‘closer’.

It felt like my ears were going to pop–like in an airplane. I put my hands over my ears (or i thought i did) as the sound and vibration got louder and more intense. The sound started to dissipate, and I rolled over in the bed, curled my legs and faced the other direction, relieved this was over. The sound faded away. My eyes were closed for a few seconds but when I opened them again I was in my original position (lying on my back with one foot on the floor).

From the reading I’ve done after this happened I gather that either:

  1. I was near-AP and could have left my body or entered LD (whichever way you look at it)

  2. This was a False Awakening and I was actually in an LD the whole time since my brain “knows” what it feels like now.

I wasn’t trying to have a WILD or intentionally using any induction techniques (i hadn’t known enough about them) other than hoping I would dream and i didn’t know about these vibrations that some people get beforehand. And i don’t particular seek to OBE or AP–those things are scary to me, honestly.

What do you think?

It sounds exactly like you were experiencing hallucinations during Sleep Paralysis.
Ir is common to wake up in it and is harmless. :smile:

Here is the BIG sleep paralysis topic for more information.

I’ve woken up in a similar state before, not as extreme but had whole body vibrations! Pretty sure this will be HH/SP :smile: