Falling Asleep During WILD

I am using a WILD/WBTB combination, but whenever I try for the WILD aspect, I fall asleep without remembering what happened! I think I’m regaining full consciousness when I wake up, because I am using an alarm. Then I usually sit up in bed and do some math problems. Then, I lie down, and begin counting "1… I am dreaming, etc…) I don’t even know how far I get because I always fall asleep. Any advice?

Falling asleep is good, but the trick is not to lose consciousness while you fall asleep.

I have the same problem (and I haven’t found a solution to it yet) but one idea might be to, instead of using the alarm, maybe you could just tell yourself that you’re going to wake up at a certain time or after every REM period. Then when you wake up, don’t move, and instantly go back to sleep. I’ve read about people doing it here on the board and it seems to work well for some people at least. Maybe it’s like you get into a dream so fast at that time that you don’t have to stay conscious for long, that what I imagine it being like.

I’m going to try that as soon as I get a chance (meaning as soon as I wake up in the middle of the night and remember not to move… I always move).

Actually, that sounds more like a chaining technique, OlesiaTheDreamer. I’ve used it once, but only once, so I don’t know how effective it really is…

[Chaining - New Technique) for more info on the chaining technique…

Anyway, I’ve found it more effective to be awaken abruptly (last times I had good LD’s, I was awaken by someone throwing a pillow at me), so I’m kinda dazed and in the middle of that sleep mode (as opposed to waking up naturally, as my internal clock is set to wake up at 4:15 and 6:30)…

Any tips on how to remain consciousness during a WILD attempt?

Well I have the opposite problem. Whenever I really try WILD, I can’t get to sleep.

In terms of staying conscious, you need to give your mind some activity that requires it to keep alert.

Since counting is very easy. I try counting backwards from 500. But you could try counting by 3s. Something that takes some small amount of additional thought.

Waking up and having a cup of tea or something before going back to bed is a good way of maintaining alertness as you drift into sleep.

Apart from that something like what Ascelpius mentioned is also a good way.

Yeah, I use counting as well when attempting WILD after WBTB. I can usually get away with counting to 200 or 300 though :wink: