falling backwards?

When im about to sleep and get into a meditive state right before hypnagogia i usually feel this insane twitch followed by an gravity pull backwards into the bed and my entire head starts spinning which wakes me up sometimes any clues on what this coulld be and how to tackle it?

:help: Thanks. :wink:

Just checked one of the WILD articles…

Have you read The WILD FAQ in the FAQs and tutorials forum?

That is most likely your body and mind transitioning into the dream state. The best thing to do is to simply let it happen. Relax and let go. See where it takes you. As long as you are aware, you will eventually end up in a dream.

Thx :happy: guys for all the help, thought i was the only one lol.

Sometimes when I lie down, I can get myself to lose track of gravity and orientation. This causes me for some reason to fall into a never-ending loop of “falling backwards”, as if on some sort of wheel.
Opening them brings me out of it, and it feels as though I’m suddenly re-aligned in opposition, and a moment of slight disorientation… I am not sure if this is the same thing you are describing.

Quite similar but i get more of like and jerk, and wheel the wheel being a feeling as if your spinning which only lasts like 3 seconds for me :shy: