Falling Dreams...

Who here has had a falling dream, did it end when you hit the ground?

I’ve had this dream a few times, where I fell from up high, hit the ground and then bounced really high in the air. It was so scary while I was falling, but I just kept on bouncing.

I’ve also had a dream where I was walking home from school, and suddenly it was forcing me to take huge steps and I ran way past my house.

Anyway, post your falling dreams. :smile:

I just can remember one falling dream. I don’t know where i fell down from but when i hit the ground and woke up i found myself on the ground beside my bed. :smile:

PdbNC: I’ve had the exact same falling dreams as you. When i was small, a lot of my nightmares was dreams were i was crushed by big things, or - as you describe - thrown into the air, falling down, and thrown up again.
I didn’t wake up when i hit the ground, but i had a tickling/numb sensation like when your legs are sleeping, and a feeling of my legs being crushed without pain.

I have this all the time, I love these types of dreams they are the best. Usually when i fall though when i hit the ground i wake up or start another dream. When I hit the ground i hit my bed and i wake up suprised and shocked. I have this quite frequent, makes me think that i might die by falling(b/c i have them alot)IRL. I had cases when i was a kid till now, every case is different, but it always consist falling. Sometimes i ricochet off other things and i am just flying around hitting things everywhere. Sometimes the rides at the carnival in my dreams break off and then i end flying somewhere else(the same type of sensation like falling). I treasure these dreams, b/c they have the most excitement and a big rush.

I’ve had a dream where I had the ability to jump real high up in the air, like 100m or something, and hitting the ground unharmed.

I also remember a drem where I rolled on a skateboard down a hill, but suddenly just lifted, and was in the air for a very long time, before I hit the ground, unharmed this time too.

yeah, I’ve had that a few times too. I just wake up from the fall. Nothing is worse then the feeling of being “bounced” way up in the air, looking down on the city… its not a fun feeling, just damn scary.

I had a dream kind of like that. It was like moon gravity. I would jump and float up real high and then fall back down slowly.

I like being shocked by falling dreams, it puts me in reality, dream and otherwise.

I was running from a man, he was farmer with a shotgun (I don’t believe I was screwing his daughter) but he was pissed at me. I ran up small stairs at a friend’s house and past my friend’s jimmy, and my ex-girlfriend. I was worried the maniac was going to shoot me, as I already heard gunfire. So I looked out the window of this two-story house and I decided I needed to get outta here fast. I opened the window and looked for a place to crawl down but no such luck. So I decided I had to jump for it, I was this scared. So I jumped and landed on the ground.

I immediately woke up, and thought to myself, how did I not notice what I was doing in my dream?

I’ve read that most people have had many dreams where they are falling, or dreams where they are naked.

I’ve never had one of either. I wonder what that means?

I have had many falling dreams, including ones where I have hit the ground. Before I found out about lucid dreaming I had one where I was falling. My fear left me suddenly, I relaxed and landed on some really soft black material which slowly broke my fall.

I really do like the falling sensation, but I have not experienced it much recently. I remember as a kid I used to be able to induce the feeling when I wanted to just by imagaining myself at a great height.

I have never had a naked dream before… is it possible to die in your dreams?

As a kid I learned to fall in “slow motion”, and somehow I still have the ability (In NLDs).So, most times I just fall down and smoothly hit the ground.
I had several dreams in wich I went to school, only wearing a pyjama or something


I mostly had falling dreams when I was younger. But I really like the feeling of falling, so last night in a lucid dream that was about 20 mins long, I was running out of things to do, so I wanted to fall from somewhere, but the best I got was jumping really high off a wharf into water, it was still quite cool though.