Falling in Love in a Lucid Dream!?

I’ve had plenty of those. The one that has struck me the most was when I was hugging a girl while we both knew I would wake up very soon. It was so emotional as if we were a married couple expecting the world to end, like in the movie 2012.

That’s strange. Maybe things are reverse in the dream world. Were you in love before that dream with someone else?
I had a dream with someone I was actually in love with IRL and in the dream that person showed a lot of affection towards me but I felt like I wasn’t in love with them anymore, until I woke up.

Happened once, stronger than the waking love, and I was not lucid.
Strangely, our separation because of awakening did not make me feel sad, instead I felt lighter and free.
I did not remember how she looked, only how I felt when she was closer.
It was pure love. No fear of loosing her, no sexual envy, no feeling of attachment.

This happened to me. In one night I fell in love deeply - I awoke with butterflies in my soul and all the feelings of when you first love someone. I spent the next few days thinking of little else.
The simultaneous delight in having met this creation of my subconscious and the despair in knowing that they were not ‘real’ was, and still is, confusing. I still think about him sometimes, and it makes me reconsider my reality. The feelings of love were not any less real or strong than feelings for a ‘real’ person. Does the fact that he was a product of my mind make the feelings any less valuable or real? Does the fact that he is a dream character make him any less real to me - for he seems real enough in dreams.
This brings on so many interesting questions.

Every DC you see in a dream is constructed from a face you seen in real life, you are unable to see a DC that is completely made up from your mind. So every DC is someone you have seen in waking life, whether in person randomly or on TV.

I haven’t fallen in love in a dream, but I have had dreams where I have incredible and unbreakable bonds with other people. Friendships that made me feel immense joy throughout the dream and for a while after I woke up. So while I’ve never felt romantically toward anyone in my dreams, I do feel love in a friendly way once in a while.

I haven’t experienced this in a lucid dream, but I have felt strong feelings of attraction in normal dreams to people I don’t know. Recently, a strongly reoccurring dream sign I’ve had is girls! When I wake up I’m filled with limerent energy throughout the rest of the day.

Well, sometimes I feel deep loneliness, but it’s mostly happy lovely energy. :grin:

I wish … maybe I should try to incubate a dream where I fall in love, or even friendly love toward a friend that would be nice

Now I’m not discounting you saying this isn’t true but… how can we be 100% positive of this theory? There’s no way other than hearing somebody’s experience and not seeing it for ourselves. I felt I’ve dreamt up many objects and places and things and possibly people I’ve never seen in the waking world. Not even constructed of many different people or things I’ve seen. But please teach me more. Link the reference and I’ll read up on this ^.^ no harm in learning something I’m not too educated about

I really hope this would happen to me, seems like an interesting experience

In theory you could create a relationship with a DC. Step 1: create a DC with the traits you desired. Step 2: Bring that DC into all of your LD s.

You would have to be someone with a great deal of LD experience and someone who has LD ‘s often.

However, ultimately wouldn’t this just be having a relationship with yourself?

I mostly lurk now, but I’m pretty sure that not every DC is someone you’ve seen randomly - we know what a face is supposed to look like, and we’ve seen many different facial features, and our brains can mix and match features to make new faces; an example I used in another thread goes like this (it’s a little unrealistic, so bear with me): Say there’s a person who’s only seen one person, and has no mirror so they can’t see themselves other than hands, etc, and has no idea anyone else exists. All of that person’s DCs will look almost exactly like the one person they’ve seen, maybe with some of their own body parts. Now, say the person sees two more people, and sees new hair and eye colors and heights; they can now dream about people with different combinations of those features, they’re not limited to just the three people they’ve seen. Essentially what I’m trying to say is that our brains can construct new faces because they know what a face is supposed to look like. I’ve never seen anybody without eyes and ears, but I can still dream of someone like that because I know what noses and mouths are supposed to look like, and my brain can make a reasonable guess as to what the areas without eyes or ears would look like.

I’ve had many dreams with great emotions being felt. I can’t say it was, ‘love’ that I was feeling, since I’m not particularly familiar of how love should be like…

Every time I would come across this specific DC, exchange of emotion would occur through a simple glance, that is… quite electrifying. Intense, filled with warmth, joy, and protection. No words need to be said or any actions done, just a simple glimpse into his eyes was enough. He would appear in many forms; I always know it is him through senses. I refer to him as my SG. Unfortunately, he rarely makes appearances. I always wake up incredibly upset with a heavy heart longing to see him again. I wish I could see him again, especially nowadays. :\

Now whether DCs are real or not? That is another topic. However, through my encounters I’ve had eerie hollows and some, not a lot, of active ‘real’ DCs. You can tell by questioning them and looking them in the eyes. The ‘real’ DCs are able to respond and seem to have minds of their own. While hollows are creepy, for me they don’t respond or speak gibberish with a blank expression. Their eyes are just lifeless, empty. Which reminds me of that famous quote,

“The Eyes are the window to your soul…” - William Shakespeare.

Well put, I agree with this. :happy:

ive experienced this but what happend later in the dream sucked, so i asked her if she wanted to fuck and after go explore this was a LD by the way and i was with an old friend in the dream and some random girl (not the girl i fell in love with) the old friend i was with cheated with this girl who was with another old friend of mine IRL and then history repeated itself in my LD when i went out of the room for a second i came back and my old friend was banging the girl i fell in love with and the random girl :sad: shit pissed me off and what happend after is kind of hazy dont quite remember but when i woke up i regret not using some magic and blasting him with a fireball and start fucking the two of them in place of him.[/list]

False. Not that I can really prove it to you, but from very clear experience, I can self-confirm that this is false. I’m sure there are many many other people in the world that can agree with me on this. I am absolutely 100% sure, that many of the people I have seen in my dreams are not people I’ve seen in real life. They are very distinct, with distinct personalities, and features. They do not match anyone I’ve seen in real life. For example. I have never seen anyone in real life, with short pure white hair, and pink eyes.

I rarely actually see people I know in real life in my dreams. I’m no good at keeping track of information or data, but one thing I am very keen on is aesthetics, and people’s faces. I know when I’ve seen someone before.[/color]

I had the same experience like the person in the first post. I was dreaming, and there was a DC that wasn’t even my type of a guy at the moment (dark haired and dark eyed, instead of the blondes I chased after IRL), but I fell in love with him. He promised to return, and I went to sleep every night, waiting for him to appear again, but he never came. I gave up.

Then I saw a picture of my current (and forever) boyfriend (we met on a forum), and I almost fell off a chair. It was that guy! I still can’t explain it. He believed me when I told him about the dream, and we even share the same memories from previous lives. Also, when I met his family, I realized that I had dreamt about them before, too.

So yeah, I don’t believe in that our dreams use only the faces they know, and I think that there’s much more to that.

I had a dream once that I met the absolute perfect guy and I think we were in love. But then at the end he had died and it was my fault… That morning and the rest of the day I was really depressed…

It’s happened to me before. The person I fell in love with didn’t die, but I woke up all sad and depressed that I might not ever see them again. :sad:

Yeah I’ve had it before, the crush lasted a few weeks D:
Was a real person aswell