False awakening or am I awake?

This has happened three times for me. I will be dreaming and then realize hey I am dreaming. The dream fades away and then I think I am awake. Once I feel that I am awake I get mad and just try to go back to sleep. I haven’t tried any reality checks when I realize I am dreaming because I just recently learned what a “false awakening” was.

Please help me, I only want to lucid dream.

  1. Always do a RC after awakening.
  2. Try some stabilization techniques, like spinning or rubbing your hands. That’ll (hopefully) prevent you from awakening.

Well once I notice I am in a dream the dream instantly fades away.

Can I still spin even if I see white or what?

Yes, stabilisation techniques were invented to “stabilise” a fading dream.
Someone there mentioned that it works even a moment after waking up - you have to imagine yourself spinning and you’ll go back to sleep… I don’t know how well it works though…

i haven’t been able to try it out too much but yea i think spinning work even if you have no visual…i managed to get into a dream by imagining myself spinning from SP…try to imagining the wind blow feeling at your fingertips as you’re spinning until you got visuals…

Rubbing you hands together works very well for me and keeps me lucid. Do it quite hard so you can really feel the friction, and watch your hands while are doing it.
If you suspect you are having false awakenings, you have to perfom a reality check. That’s the only way you will become lucid. Try pinching your nose - if you can still breathe you know you are ludid. Simple.