False awakening or normal dream?

Hello everyone,

Since I started practising SSILD technique, I’ve had a couple false awakenings. I’m not entirely sure though if they can really be classified as such, so maybe someone here can help me.

Well, what happens is that I have a very vivid dream that I am at home- either sitting on the sofa (where I’m actually asleep at the time of dreaming) or in the other room, either talking to my family or doing something that In normally do. Everything seems very real, all the details, I can touch, smell and the colours are vivid. I don’t actually dream myself waking up, I just see myself in this familiar setting doing familiar things, so I’m not sure if it could be FA or not?

Do these dreams mean I’m getting closer to having an LD?

Thank you,

No, an FA is a dream where you wake up and think you are awake when it’s just another dream. I’m not sure if FA is a sign that you are getting closer to achieving a lucid dream. More often I hear that a FLD is a good sign. A vivid dream is a good sign too.

Thank you for replying. So only because I did not see myself waking up in those dreams, they can not be considered false awakenings, even though everything else fits? I was quite amazed by the realness and normalcy of these dreams, I could not tell them apart from real life, which made me feel that they could be FA. But I’ll take it. They do seem to be a step closer to having an LD. :grinning:

Geez. What else is there to it? It’s all about the confusion caused by waking up from a dream and believing to be awake when you were not.

“even though everything else fits” Come on. If I flew in a dream and everything was more real than waking life, it’s not a lucid dream if I didn’t know I was dreaming. In a false awakening, it’s key to remember waking up from a dream.

These dreams were so different from my normal dreams in terms of how vivid they were and I really did believe that I was awake. I would put them in a separate category since they are not FAs, but super realistic and lacking the fuzzy quality of NDs.

Dreaming about daily life, or clarity is not really a false awakening. It’s just as was said. A false awakening is where the dream literally starts with you waking up from bed in your room, thinking you’ve woken up, but actually haven’t.

These are false awakenings. (it doesn’t start as one, but it becomes false awakenings)

Thanks, yes, I got it. Interesting stuff. :smile: