False awakenings - my theory of what it really is

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Maybe you’re all right. Maybe it’s just my life what makes me think like that. I’m still moving, making a lot of things, meeting with lot of people, and very often I have to battle myself, choose either to do one thing or another. Maybe my style of living, which of course I love, makes me thing that we have to still fight, because I’m not giving up and still fighting (not literally of course). Doesn’t need to bring it all, you surely know what I mean :smile:

Looks like I need to make peace! :smile:

Oh no, not fighting again! :smile: What do you mean by this? :smile: Do I need to somehow treat my subsonscious as my friend? How to do that?

So I was about to say “fanfic” but then realized this wasn’t ZeldaUniverse Forums after all. I think your theory is quite thought out, so I like it. ^^

But what will happen if the person bypasses the False Awakenings in any way, eg: RCs? Will the subconscious be might less then? or will it do something else to disable the person from consciousness?

Thank you for pounding about my theory :smile: If you’d like say what you think about it, maybe together we’ll find out something interesting.

To your question. A dream after false awakening is like a normal dream, I think, so if you do a reality chceck it could either make you lucid (you gain awareness and you’ll be so confident to stay in lucid state) or you wake up (or have another false awakening? well, I don’t know, maybe it’s possible, it’s another think to study). It’s my point of view, what do other thinks? :smile:

Well we’re all always changing, growing and evolving, by no means do I make a claim of deeper knowledge, I only speak from my personal perspective. The ‘battle’ of choosing between one thing or another usually indicates an internal disharmony from my perspective. The way forwards thus far for me, has been to stop seeing it as a battle and start to see it as two elements that are both integrated and acknowledged within our decisions.

When I said this, I was saying you are forming a conviction, “My sub conscious does not want me lucid” that because expectations come true with lucid dreams. You will create additional problems for yourself. It’s not that I’m saying you should see your sub-conscious as a friend, or a foe. I’m saying I believe its best to see it as a tool. It is not alive, any resemblance to a will it may have, is caused by you and is therefore within your control. You just need to understand it and how to wield and control the power you have over it. It’s not something which always comes completely naturally, it takes practice and focus. It’s not a battle from my perspective though, its a learning process.

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That’s very interesting concept, I guess I should just give it a shot and maybe something nice will come out :smile:

This is a great video about false awakenings: :wink: