False awakenings

Sounds rather annoying, perhaps more and more rc’s are needed?

Yes, false awakenings can be a tad annoying when you wake up and realized you missed your chance again :razz:. One way to counteract them is to do an RC every time you wake up. It may take some time getting used to doing it regularly. You could try sticking a note next to your bed in an easy spot to see if you have a hard time remembering on your own.

You could also get into the habit of writing in your DJ when you wake up. So, if you have a FA, you’ll remember you were dreaming and maybe will become lucid. Just an idea. :smile:

Or you end up writing down the same dream twice due to a FA. (That’s my experience)

The only thing I can find annoying about False Awakenings would be if you absolutely cannot see any difference from reality in them at all.
But except or that, what in the world is the problem?
You should be grateful instead, and take another free chance to lucid dream. :eh: :grin: