False awaking induced LD

So I was dreaming the other night and in the dream I somehow woke up in a cafeteria alone and for some reason I said “Wait a minute Aristotle you were just dreaming, the next time you wake up tell yourself your in a dream!” aloud,so I put my head down and I was back in the old dream I remembered to tell myself I’m in a dream and BAM! Instant lucidity, I tried to fly but fell flat on my face but then I made some tornadoes with my hands and a force feild.thought it was funny that this method is called FAILD

I don’t have too many FA but when I do I usually get the startings of Lucidity from them, (but then I wake up! :grrr: ) they’re a great way to start a lucid dream.

Congrats on the tornado thing, I bet that was cool! :good:

I haven’t had any FA lately. But I don’t know how you could induce FA.

I know! I hate when I wake!the tornadoe gave me an amazing feeling and a sense of power i loved it.

Don’t think you can, just need a stroke of luck. :wink:

I think there is some way to increase the probability of FAs. I am not that fond of them. Because I don’t like to do RCs when I just woke up, in case I can go back to sleep quickly into a lucid dream. So I lay still. I might have missed many FAs this way.
Somehow, in that FAs I caught, I felt I was dreaming from the start.

I think it’s easier to use FA because you are somewhat more conscious because you think you’re awake, if you notice anything strange do a RC and your lucid. :smile: