false memories

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i believe now that dreams create false memories in order to convince us more that what we see in the dream is reality.
for example , in a dream my grandpa asked me to join him pick up a plane from the parking lot ( :cool_laugh: :tongue: ) and pilot it back home.
But in my head i rememberd him doing that many times.
another example: i once crossed a railway bridge that was blocked , but in my head i said : it was better when it was open and i remeber “remembering” an image of the bridge open. :happy:

what do you think of my theory?

Well, there is some possibility like that (if you meant that SC is dream). But actually, I dont see point why SC would see any profit is convincing us that we are not dreaming. I pesonally guess it’s more like dream memory is part of dream, like everything else in it. Which means, it’s made up when needed, and blanks when it’s not a necessary.

I believe it happens. If had dreams where I have known complete backstories of DCs, objects or events none of which are real world related.

On the other hand, I’ve had dreams where I remember doing something before and it’s either triggered lucidity or I realise on waking that the reason I felt that was is because i’ve had other dream in which it has happened before. Even dreams that I had thought long forgotten.

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Well your SC is making up the dream, so I think that it would try to supply everthing needed to make the dream compleat. Even when the FM’s are not compleat, they are offten good enough that we do not question the fact that we are dreaming.
I have also had FM’s that have explained why I was doing what I was doing. I have also had memorys in a dream, that upon awakening, were from older dreams, some of which I had forgoten. ( That is good, because then I have the memory of the older dream again :smile: ) I do seem to know the difference between FM’s and older dreams once I wake up, I am not sure exactly how, but there is a difference to how they feel.

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I’ve had this happen to me. Even if I’m lucid while it’s happening it seems like it happened in another dream or something but then once I’m awake I’m able to look back and see that I never had any experience, dreaming or otherwise, to create those memories.

In one lucid dream there was a girl. And after spending some time together I felt that i had known her for a year and a half. I knew I couldn’t have and I had no memories. just the feeling. It was not “a long time” or “for years”. it was one and a half.

I expirence a sort of “alternate World false memory” thing before. It was when i was extremly sick and didn’t stay awake for more than a few hours at a time, for about a week. Some how i had a complete life, however altered in wierd ways/ like someone i know did’t exist or a person i know in RL i dont know in the dream. strange stuff.

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hm ya i have that. actually when you think about it every dream is like that, and thats why we accept them as real at the time.
but i dont beleive that out subconscience is “conscience (aware)” of itself and purposely tries to make our dreams more real (scary thought). but good question why does this happen?

There are a lot of people in the world who are sure that our dreams are a way that our SC uses to tell us things that we need to know, but don’t want to, or have hidden from ourselves for years. Lots of them are called psychologist. :grin:
I do think that there is some truth to that, ( I studied psychology for four years. ) :tongue:
So I do think that our SC may indeed have something to hide from us sometimes. Sometimes it may also want to tell us something in a way that breaks it to us easaly, because it things that it might be a bit too much for us to accept all at once. That is also why I think that sometimes when we are having problems with LD’s, it might be that our SC has something on it’s mind that it thinks is more important right now then flying. :sigh: ( or whatever else we want to do )
There is a lot to us that we don’t know about yet. As I have said before, some of you that are just starting in LD’ing right now, may be the pioneers in a new future where LD’ing is a major part of everyones life. :nerd_face:
So keep up the LD’ing.

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Agreed :slight_smile:

I feel that the subconscious is definitely not just a dead mechanism. It seems very much alive and not just because of its seemingly infinite potential for creation. Also because of its ability to become more responsive and communicable the more attention is placed on it. Indeed, for me, it has been true that if I begin to speak to my subconscious, it begins to speak back in surprising ways.

I really do hope to see a future world where Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming is central to the culture. It may be far fetched but I imagine, instead of virtual worlds hooked up to computer networks, we connect and explore through our imaginal dream realms. No network connection or third party needed :stuck_out_tongue: Just sovereign beings taking responsibility for their own minds and reality.