Falwell Dead!

Jerry Falwell has died today, Tuesday, May 15, 2007, of heart complications. Have we lost a great moral leader, or is this a step forward?

Who’s that?


founder of the group Moral Majority, probably the cause of the rise of christian fundamentalism in the USA.

oh that guy!

I heard about it when i got to the AOL homepage but it didn’t give his name

:confused:hrugs: i don’t know much about him

Fundamentalist Christian, i am not too keen on. They seem to me to be the group that makes all Christians look “bad”

That is assuming that i understand what fundamentalism is…

But seems like he stood up for what he believed in, and for that i applaud him

I don’t like him… He said homosexual people were partly to blame for 9/11. For that alone I think he was a very bad man.

Then I must say—

Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Firstly: reading the article on him at Wikipedia, I came to the conclusion that I see him more as an immoralist than as a “moralist” as he seems to call himself. I believe his beliefs were negative and often times anti–ethical, and he went against some of my most basic principles.

That said: I think his death means nothing at all. The fact that, while he was alive, he was taken seriously—seriously enough, in fact, to give raise to a fundamentalist sect of Christianity—, that scares the bloody hell out of me. Now, the fact that he alone lives or dies: couldn’t mean less to me. Just another person, like many others, with different opinions than mine. In society, a single person is not a fact. A group of people willingly around a single person: now that’s a fact

Good point… I’ve always said, what’s so tragic about one person’s death, one hundred people’s deaths… even a thousand people’s deaths? There are another 7 billion still alive. Shouldn’t that be more important? Wipe out a nation, it still doesn’t make that big an impact, unless that nation is China or India.

Still… One person who could influence so many in such a way, he is kinda clever, but a bad man all the same.

Wow people sure pick up fast on things like this.

falwellinhell.com/ <= immoral website

That’s actually pretty funny…
But as for his death not meaning anything, I couldn’t disagree more. I believe that things happen in harmony(or cycles, right bruno?:)). One thing happens, then another, all connected, signaling some change. The fundamentalists are falling from their post, Bruno. This is just another sign of it.

Well I agree with Bruno. It’s like if bin Laden is killed by the US. It doesn’t really matter - another one would just take his place. Although I think comparing a terrorist to a fundamentalist is a bit ridiculous reasoning.

I was reading that bit about how he blamed gay people for 9/11. Sounds like an idiot to me. Although I found it a bit funny, that someone could be so mixed up in their own little world, where they would say something like that. “Ooh, Levitcus says gay people are an abomination towards God! That means they committed 9/11!” Oh well. Another one bites the dust, hahaha. :cool:

Is it? They sure have their similarities…

hahaha. I realized that after I typed it. I forgot to erase it. Oh well :cool:

Aw, no heated debate, ending in a catastrophic flame war? Oh well…:razz:

ROFL. No, I’ve been in a good mood recently, especially since school ended for the year. Oh well. There is always next time :tongue:

Can someone tell me a foundamentalist from a terrorist apart, come again?

fundamentalists are the ones who live within the united states borders. :roll:



anyway now i actually know who you guys are talking about

yeah, he really was an ass

Did his DEATH really make a difference? no, not really.

He will be forgotten eventually, like everyone else

But, in life, he may have made a difference, for better or worse

Sadly (bad) ideas don’t die as easily.