Familiarity Breeds NDs

I became lucid last night :adored: and for the first time in ages was able to take total control. :woot: It didn’t last very long but it got me thinking today when I was transcribing it to my DJ.

When I dream ordinarily they are dreams of the people I see nearly everyday and those closest to me that I love. Although I have pretty good recall of these they remain stubournly ND. Last night however, 5 of the 7 that I remembered and recorded had NONE of my usual DCs in them at all, neither was there recognisable scenery and in dream 6 I finally take the blinking hint and come lucid. :hurray:

Does this mean that, contrary to wanting regularity, Lucidity Chasers should be looking for the irregularities that enable the brain to question the validity of the current scenario, thus catapulting us into lucid awareness?

Obvious answer to this is Yes! :tongue: But what I’m now interested in asking is; are there any incubation methods that take this into account? Do some methods help to introduce the necessary irregularities? :uh: :shrug:

What do you reckon?

You want to incubate a dream with irregularities, IE, You want to plan randomness.

Have you considered making a solid base and then just letting things go from that point?

Like a white room? :happy:

Yeah, I guess that would work. I thought there might be a precedent for this, since it’s fairly logical that the more unfamiliar the terrain the more likely you are to question it’s solidity which would in turn induce lucidity. :tongue:

hmm… I think I’ll look more into this. :smile:

I got some thing for you . Try thinking or watching a action movie. before bed. something that will make you act it out in your dreams. I’ve found that if you dream more about you doing an action like walking or running or fighting. Rather then dream that you are just watching whats going on. That to me is irregularities that you can set up to have so you can become aware and qustion if this is a dream.

Yeah that’s a good point actually.

Works along the same lines as having a nightmare after watching a scary film. So I suppose, if you don’t mind having bad dreams, that it would be the best way to become lucid.

A lot of my DILDs have been as a result of trying to escape horrors so inducing horrors should inevitably produce lucidity. :cool:

Only trouble now is convincing my Hubby to watch late night horror movies. :grin: