...... fantasy

the mind can internalize ideas and stories that it picks up from cutlure that influence it to an incredible degree, whereas the stories are completely untrue

a person that believes in something is operating from the confines of someone elses imagination, and the only way to fix that is a combination of introspection, analysis, and meditation , that is, simply letting go of what does not serve your happiness, by recognizing that it is not true, and that it does not come true

if at one it had happened, that was because you let it operate you ,a nd if you wish for it to not happen, simply use the mind to convince yourself over time of the opposite being true

this is the antidote to paranoia,

as an example, Muslim suse the idea of Mohammed and things , to create war
Christians use the idea of Satan to scare people into doing their bidding, and to donate lots of money to corrupted power ,

the media ( from one angle ) uses the idea of disease to get you to take pills when you are healthy, and encourage you to not exercise or take responsibility in any way for your well being ,

a child uses the idea of Santa to behave so he can get a present,

when i was little, those that, and I am sorry this does not make sense to some of you part is for kava,
were believer sin the Gospel of Santa , would say to th ebad kids, but if you don’t act good Santa won’t give u a present

well , the karma principle is true, and all preachers of all faiths , all world prophets have taught us that we must think our own thoughts, on purpose , to discern the truth of things, through our own work, and that we receive what we give , and do ,

the alpha brainwave liberated happy contented buddha like mindstate, arising through yoga, martial artz, mediation, examining your daily thoughts, and many other ways, playing instruments, doing what you find to be enjoyable because YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY

is a state of freedom from compulsory thought, wherein we imagine an authority , either other people, who , as peers, judge us for being ourselves, or a god, or a being, or a power, is watching us

truthfully only WE are watching ourselves,
"life is only a dream in which the imagination is of the self " and in this is profound freedom to be absolutely happy at all times, because to be unhappy, or paranoid, requires just as much WORK and LABOR as being happy does

it is a volitional act, and the IMAGINATION is NOT responsible for our state of mind, it carries what is put into it, so let us choose good thoughts,

i am sorry that you are not necessarily , understanding this, but i feel an obligation to write , because i have seen expressed here some people with situations that are very harmful to themselves ,

for example
if we feel great longing for a boyfriend or girlfriend, then we must start to THINK

i am desirable, i am beautiful, why, i bet lots of people would be glad to have me as a friend,
this intelligent creative thought, like the act of writing, gradually shifts our reality , combined with prayer to any one that we feel incined to pray , to , but , it should not be , as i see it, one or the other, but both, because prayer asking, can create a habit of feeling totally stuck, wherein , if we speak, affirmatively ,
as taught by many masters including Jesus ,

then we gain power as creators. we can always take it higher if we have that faith to do so , but we are always our own authority, always, and yet , we can reprise our free will, but let us never do that, for it is not worth it , and it brings us absolutely nothing, no matter what is promised presents, punishments, etc, simply don’t listen , don’t click on it

don’t talk about it, if it really bothers you then, speak those affirmative thoughts that the opposite is now happening

that life is now becoming wonderful , and beautiful, and make it that way .

ihope my forum name is not arrogant or self righteous, i consider myself what i wish to be , but it does not mean that others are not also in that way , divine, beautiful, wonderful , so i do not know what to do , so i am leaving it be, and don’t really post here much any way .

I am sure you know I am not speaking about all Christians, Muslims, belivers in Santa, or that those people are wrong, or that there is not a God, or anything of the sort, I am not making any deifniative statements, but I can’t write forever, that would be not needed. I am saying that some of those people are using people’s minds, to harm, trcking, with false teachings, in the name of the images that they have created, images of a God, that hates you , and wants to kill you , but then he doesn’t, so you are confused, and always go back to be emotionally eblittled into feeling fearful, sot hat you can be saved

or , an idea that there is an evil enemy that we have to kill , that enemy is the ego, not the people in this world, that is what Mohammed taught, as well as Jesus.

they both spoke of swords, for the mind an cut away from all nonsense to come to the truth, which is radiant, and free, and yet, the men of the world may wish to exploit other men, by pretending righteousness, and confusing people with FANTASY IMAGINATION STORIES which are ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE , and yet , enslave entire races of beings to do things

but yet THOSE people are NOT an entity , not a black entity , or a negative force, because the idea that the negative power which kava seems to struggle with, exists in this world, is itself also a fantasy idea.

THEY are a part of evolution, they are doing things with , the goal of learning lessons in POWER and there is , perhaps a good use of, and bad use of POWER, but power is not something very useful, because it does not bring any satisfaction at all, it produces an incredible inability to feel anything, no matter how much is gained,

they don’t get it, but its EVOLUTION so there is not an all powerful THEY its all YOU,


Much interesting toughts you have there, although for me imagination is something wonderful, but still something limited, imagination is not lyes of the government (I don’t mean just government, I mean power, thoes who control us). For example, the story of god and Jesus is alright and productive us long as it is not considered true. Then its not imagination any more, its just lyes, lyes that keep the pyramid system stable, and which is not good. Life, to me, has no greater purpose, life is just something created randomly. Thus, you should make profit out of it, because to me, there are 2 purposes of life (I mean rules or whatever):

  1. Have fun (be happy)
  2. Let other people be happy (I don’t just mean don’t kill other people, but prolong our species and so on)
    Now, life should be chaos, a straight-line chaos, because the universe is chaos. No heirarchy. Everyone is the same. Why now thoes 2 rules if there’s chaos?
    Example: If you kill another person, some one who likes that person will kill you (and thus your happiness will end). That is the reason why we should stay peaceful.

So, bring down the pyramid system and put another one ~ straight-line chaotic hippie system! :smile:

A truly wonderful post!

Re-arrange the mind and the rest will come. It is fact. Belief can move mountains.

Imagination is unlimited BeatDoctor. That is our power. We are told by jesus to close the doors of our senses and to be one with our desire - by using our imagination. It is something one needs to work on but it’s real and it works. We are only limited by our beliefs. That’s all.

I like this discussion - to see what beliefs people have is cool.

Stay happy

Try to imagine anything that has nothing to do with this universe.