Fast Exit Technique

This is my childhood method I used as a kid to get non-physical experiences on demand, it’s for direct entry, with it I had an experience almost every day, It’s very simple and straightforward, if you practice it daily, it can become your best tool for transitioning into non-physical. If done right it works really fast, sometimes it takes me under a minute to shift my focus into non-physical, which sometimes leaves me dumbfounded, how I was just laying on the bed and in the next moment I was somewhere else. It can be used anywhere anytime, it depends only on how fast you are relaxing your body and mind, it doesn’t require sleep paralysis or vibrational state to work. I just recommend you not to use it unless you are sitting comfortably or laying down on a bed, because of risk of falling injury. This method depends greatly not on visualization but on memory recalling your best route from the location you are to your front/back door, you must choose it beforehand, you don’t need to brink too much details from your memories.

Now the method itself:

1)Lay down or sit down and relax your mind and body as maximum as you can.

2)Now the more crucial part, imagine from first person view that you are standing up and start walking the route you have chosen, if there is a door or two, open them and keep moving(experiment on your speed) to your stairs(I live in apartment)/front yard/back yard until the imagination becomes reality while keeping your awareness of course, because it can turn into unconscious dream. The shift is very swift, usually when I reach one floor up or down I’m already into non-physical.

If it didn’t work on the first try, you can try it several times, but don’t force it too much, because if you are doing it before sleep it can lead to some sleeping problems.

You can share your experiences here. :slightly_smiling_face: