Fast Flashing Hypnopompic Dream Still Images

Ahh,I’ve been wondering if others experience this too!! I began a few searches but never really found much, and I’m kind of unsure how to even search properly for it.

For me, it happens as I’m laying still, slowly waking up and usually when I still feel fairly sleepy before fully waking up. A series of flashing images, more like bright lights really, in such fast succession and mostly in geometric forms, various colours.
Sometimes, though, it’s just one bright flash that peaks in brightness before disappearing.

I’ve noticed something distinct about the experience though: once it’s done, I’m 100% fully aware and alert. It almost feels like the full stop at the end of my sleeping/dreaming journey, kind of similar to the way a shamanic drum journey ends with a faster, more intense rhythm (which, without fail, brings one back to a fully awake state). It’s not ever really linked to the end of a dream, not even the dream state, but more so the end of a sleepy state.

[center][/center]I’ve had this happening for the past couple of weeks now. Just a fast flashing of still images that i can’t find a special meaning to. I will point out though that they only happen when i meditate before bed. I have no idea if that has anything to do with it. Its usually at the end where i am completely aware that im within a dream. Now i don’t know if anyone has experienced a feeling of being lifted up or feeling this warmth or seeing this bright light before this all occurs. For example today the light happened twice until on the final try it took me to go and see these images. I don’t know if im unconsciously controlling it? But i’d love to hear your thoughts!

I am new to this forum but am interested to hear your theory. How exactly can I email you? Or are you able to email me?

spowelson, the post that you quoted is 6 years old. The poster only made one post and disappeared.

Upon waking, before being fully awake, I am aware of a “slideshow”. It used to run left to right, geometric shapes and symbols that I don’t recognize. Then it started to evolve into a 3D presentation of layers of shapes and movement, I could feel myself moving and being swept along. Then the shapes and images started to become scary somehow. I can’t even describe what I saw and felt, it was like nothing I have ever experienced or saw. It started to become frightening, so I asked my higher self to stop showing me these things and then they stopped. I am aware of ascension and I believe this to be an ascension symptom

This phenomena has been happening to me, too - ever since my father passed away (Oct 2017). One thing I have been able to do that I haven’t seen anyone post yet: I have been able to TALK to the image.

For example, one of the images was a still of 2 women. I told the still to “stop.” It stopped. Then I said “Hello.” One of the women in the image “came to life” and said “Hello” back! I woke up in terror, shivering, had to catch my breath. It was so scary!

Anyone else experience this? Please email me at I am writing a short story that will be using this experience as one of the main plot elements.


As I awake i see images flashing in my mind so quick I cannot recognize them. It feels like electric in some way. I find it upsetting like i am having a seizure. It frightens me and my mind stays foggy for sometime after waking.

It happened to ne just 2hours ago and i woke up breathing heavily. When i checked the clock i was only asleep for like 10 or 15 mins. I saw flashes of pics its fast but ive seen all i even saw a name and a number and a pic of a lady i never met before. Before iit happened i remember feeling something heavy on top of me then it started flashing like im trying to recognize it but i dont understand and even the handwritings are weird.

Just experienced this for the first time. I had just woken up and wondered if I could get a few more minutes of sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes the images started. At first it startled me but I immediately wanted to see what happens. The images were black and white moving very quickly from right to left. They were mostly shapes and symbols with heavy black lines. I recall one image was of a horse’s head. I was trying to acknowledge each image as it moved through. It lasted for about a minute and I just opened my eyes. I truly don’t think I fell back asleep. Very curious about this!