Has anyone here had success with fasting ?

Personally I did 2 days over the weekend and it was very easy in terms not feeling any real hunger at all, but the thing is I felt these entities from my dad who eats way too much ( or i seem to think so ) inside my body and i could see them, and they kept wanting to make me get up and eat lots of food when even I wasn’t hungry.

Late in the evening of the second day I ate quite a bit, which was okay but I had no hunger, and spiritually and health-wise when you fast, after day 1 or 2 there is no hunger and your body is then cleaning itself completely, and you can continue the fast for up to 40 days, until real hunger re-appears, or however long you feel is good,

and , if you are doing it for more than just a few days you need to be very gentle when you start eating again, taking the smallest bite of fruit you can, every 30 minutes or so , until you are used to be able to eat, and can start and resume eating with first only fruits.

Fasting is the highest form of healing for most all diseases because even cancer passes out of the body during a fast, so it is a good idea and it is something that ( although they will disagree ) modern medical science has really forgotten.

The ancient Christians used to eat very moderately, only a few servings of fruit a day, some maybe even just 1 or 2 grapes a day, and live to be 80 in a time where people barely made it to be 30.
here is an early Christian read on the subject , from the Essene gospels ,

i feel a lot moe “clean” now, and very “light” even though i just had 2 bowls of cereal , the only food I regretted having was this strange "low sodium " soy sauce on some rice with various vegetables proteins, that sauce seemed harmful.

But I do regret eating when not hungry, it seems like I am pushed around by people’s habits because when I am around them I start to immediately change my accent, even just hearing people speak German on a cruise ship I started having a German accent for a few hours.

The spiritual reason for fasting is that it calibrates one with a state of bliss and joy and it rejuvenates you , making you as a child in terms of purity and clarity and wonder and happiness.

Health-wise everyone should at least do an occasional 1 day fast if they are able because it brings incredible cleansing, in this world we eat every day but for our millions of years of pre-history we did not eat , usually, every single day, and our bodies were not evolutionarily meant to be constantly snacking!

so it is theorized.—Is- … our-Health? &id=340628
It isn’t physically good for your body.
You ruin your immune-system making diseases easier to get.

I’ve tried eating nothing for 72 hours once, ain’t much to gain from it i tell you.
All that happened to me was almost fainting when i stood up after sitting in a chair for too long(everything turned black, my cat and the floor looked pretty much the same) and that i began laughing. I laughed so much, at nothing, i couldn’t stop laughing and i kept on laughing for like 20 minutes, alone in my room.

Not doing that again :cheesy:

hm, fasting purges all diseases from the body

it increases the immune system because toxins are being flushed out, you might mean that it might make you temporarily tired until you are rejuvenated

Did you even read the quote?
“water and fat, but not toxins, are lost from cells. Toxins therefore are left behind. Nutrients are needed to sustain immune competence, the ability of the body’s disease-fighting immune system to make antibodies and other proteins and cells. Immune system failure, not enhancement, occurs when people do not eat enough to provide the nutrients that sustain proper immune function. Instead of reducing its workload, fasting impedes the immune system.”
"The body cannot distinguish between intentional fasting and starvation. "
Toxins are being left behind.

you rarticle is interesting and it might apply to some ,

science does not curently go into the realm of spirit which it could should and can easily measure, perhaps if they were to examine those who are aware of the energy of earth and the skies and sun, and measure them, such as this man … +Jani&aq=f

you see there is a problem, science ( alone , rather, it is the intention of the ones using the tools that HAS and does, i am having a hard time with this paragraph ) has never brought people well-being, the ways to well-being are so simple that they are not scientifically expounded : good diet is as simple as noticing what brings your body bliss, and science only gives a lot of words to it ,
( i know you will see a problem with these words, i also see it , language is limiting )
i see that the healthiest people are those who follow their intuition in regards to diet and exercise ,

personally even a 1 day or half day fast brings well-being to the body. now what does your article say of breatharians ?

science is limited by the awareness of the people who use it and if they are not asking the right questions or looking in the right areas bias is unavoidable even though the mechanisms are in place to prevent it, you still cannot separate observation from observer, hence subatomic particles do what the observes think they will.

WE are subatomic particles AND consciousness influences the state of our well being therefore i would trust the masters of spiritual fasting for cleansing and healing rather than those who are NOT doing it and just saying “humbug” upon it

put it this way :
you take some people that aren’t white, aren’t from this culture, subject them to our IQ test and then you get all this evidence that shows that people other than whites are just not very smart and you can explain it in scientific terms but its because of the assessment.

there are many that fasting will bring them rejuvenation and weight loss and healing of chronic diseases and fatigue.

besides, starvation does not occur until at least a month of not eating if you are not getting energy metaphysically which is not so hard to do :

the problem is in the metaphycis of which some have no faith but it does not make it unreal, at a certain point during fasting if you are able you begin to cultivate a constantly supply of divine energy which is what causes the purification of the body, if you are not then you do need to return to food , and if you cannot then , that article is completely relevant to you , and the only way to understand these abilities is to truth or study those who have them, which i have cited 2 individuals.

theorists will say "there are many that ought not to " and that is probably so , for them a dietary change is the same result.

countless people go on 40 day fasts and attain great tremendous bliss, live to be an incredibly healthy age, and experience profound healings during the process, so we can see that there are many ways of looking at this, and it varies on the motivations of the individual, however pessimism causes diseas in the first place

we are dealinng with the understanding that our consciousness influences aour future, where the suggestion of us failing may indeed cause it just as verily as the suggestion that we may fluorish in joy tso too causes that,

to look at things from a perspective is useless unless that perspective gives us well-being, just as we can easily break down that people other than the mexican race are inferior and deserve to be subjugated and conduct many studies which will show this, it does not make it so , it is all relative and personally i feel that every statement made there is wrong and they should simply say " fasting is not right for all people at all times use discretion and listen to your body "
because anything further than that is listening to an authority

and authorities either empower us or steal our dignity blind.

science is a process of mass hypnosis,

homosexuality was a disorder,
all people but white people had low IQ scores, etc, etc, etc, etc,
tobacco is bad for you
no wait its good it prevents alzhemiers if you smoke occasionally and it prevents asthma attacks
no wait its bad for you

studies go on and on and on and on :yinyang:

its all the ghost in the machine, the calling into focus of illusions , it is based in the mind.

an ex :
the wrong kind of science says " hah there is no such things as transcendental bliss, i will meditate for my blood pressure"
man sits for 35 seconds
there there, now i am enlightened.

other man says " no no good sir if you persist you will have incredible ecstasy."
“why nonsense i cannot measure that.”
“why yes sir you can, just sit and try it you see…”
“posh ! it is time to go read the news paper.”

we cannot overcome the bias of observers in a universe where consciousness is the source of everything, as quantum physics is constantly showing us ,

it is just as easy to find evidence that fasting makes your immune system immortality and overcomes chronic diseases, and we could go find people that have overcome cancer thru either fasting or a dietary change.

should someone who is wasting away fast ? probably not !

Specific named drug promoting content was removed due to forum guidelines and questionable legality considering the presence of minors on the server.

[ we are talking about an industry that, if it finds that a simple vitamin is better medicine than an expensive drug it is trying to push, will work to criminalize that vitamin supplement as an illegal drug , we are looking at a culture of bias where “side effects may include sudden death” are included in just about every drug ad, Further slight edit, for reasons stated above. :dragon:

see it is all very very very relative based upon deeply ingrained biases that still effect everything on a metaphysical and profound level,

ex : is the child insane for wanting to go run and play, or the adult for being angry and trying to make the child sit down and learn algebra ? then, thinking well the child won’tbehave i must put him on as many mind altering drugs as possible so that he will learn algebra ?

what is insanity and what is truth the perspectives teeter-totter constantly :yinyang:

just say no to drugs except for the countless sea of bad harmful ones on tv ? and be sure to put your kids on them! ? ???

this is the result of insane science running amock thru bias, and i would not for this reason put stock into what that article says as i can feel it is wrong and untrue and not of servicde to others and will not enhnace well-being

plus when you have a multi-trillion dollar industry they create their own propaganda studies for the sake of it, constantly.

ex :
anxiety disorder ?
kava kava
non addictive, non harmful
delicious, soothing, prosocial

or ,
synthetic pills, addictive, incredibly expensive, habit forming, neuron destroying, etc, etc, etc, etc, can overdose and die on them
endless amounts of side effects

why every good little boy takes xanax don’t you want to just say no to drugs ?
it is a very weird world where money is biasing our information and sometimes outright lying with statistics and studies, generally the medical world does not work for the benefit of man they work for sustaining the status quo even if it is wrong because there is so much money influencing what can and cannot be studied lawfully

Well being to the body? I completely disagree on that. I’ve tried fasting for a half-day before, and I felt real hunger, got a terrible headache, had difficulty concentrating, and overall felt terrible. I wouldn’t exactly call that well being. So, personally I don’t see how intentionally starving yourself would do any good, unless your obese or something.

I just want you to come up with a good source… Not youtube or some guy which sources are his own webpage. For that sake come up with sources on all the other stuff you’re claiming…

And anyways, i’m not saying that fasting doesn’t help the spiritual side. I’m just trying to say that the physical consequences are basically all negative.
I agree with you on most of the drug stuff, though… but i don’t see what that has to do with the physical consequences and effects of fasting…

And even though the “fast-man” seems to not need to eat much: “Prahlad Jani, a Jain holy man[29], spent ten days under strict observation by physicians in Ahmedabad, India, in 2003. The study was led by Dr Sudhir Shah, the same doctor who led the study of Hira Ratan Manek. Reportedly, during the observation, he was given only 100 millilitres of water a day to use as mouthwash, which was collected and measured after he used it, to make sure he hadn’t consumed any. Throughout the observation, he passed no urine or stool, but doctors say urine appeared to form in the bladder, only to be reabsorbed.[30] However, despite Jani’s claim to have gone without food for decades, Jani was not engaged in strenuous exercise during the ten-day trial, and longer trials were not recorded under similarly strict observation. Further, his weight did drop slightly during the 10 days, casting some doubt on his claim to go indefinitely without food. Jani claims a goddess sustains him through amrit that filters down through a hole in his palate.[30] The Indian Rationalist Association labels him a “village fraud”.[31]”, From Wikipedia(

No, as far as is known, it applies to ALL. If you want to refute that provide some evidence that shows it. I mean the actual physical body effects here, not a subjective report of how it made you feel mentally.

You are making the typical mistake lots of ‘spiritual’ people make. You assume science, or more precisely scientists HAVEN’T tried to find evidence. They definitely have, they haven’t found any because if they had, it would be a big thing. Make of that what you will, but please stop perpetuation the paper-thin defence of ‘they just haven’t looked hard enough’ because it is incredibly insulting to those who HAVE looked.

Yes, I could very easily take your words to mean something different to your intention and attack that, but I won’t. I understand you don’t mean physical well-being as such, more ‘being at peace with oneself.’ I’m not sure I’d be so bold as to say it never helped facilitate that. It made our lives easier and allowed us to think rather than fight for survival, but directly I’m inclined to agree.

I feel similar to be perfectly honest, I disregard the latest ‘this food is harmful it has links with X’ type stuff, I trust what I crave to be an accurate representation of my current requirements. To back that as valid you need only say; how did we go on before we knew all the details about nutrients etc. There has to be some system to guide us. Its not illogical to want to follow that.

Yeah, I agree and this is a limitation. Do remember the futility of what you are saying though, ‘asking the right questions’ if you only ask the right questions you can get whatever answer you want. You are no less biased than the very people you are criticising.

So we should ignore the input from the very people who have expanded our knowledge to the point we can remove a kidney from one person and put it into another? Sorry, but what you say is foolish in my opinion. I’m not saying to ignore the words of ‘spiritual masters’ (Although I tire of hearing this term self-pegged on to people) But no matter how mastered they are, they can STILL be mistaken about things. If I push a button and a light goes out, then conclude applying downward pressure upset the light and made it turn off, I still have some useful understanding of something (I know how to turn a light off) but I’m not correct about why.

Don’t go here. You are not the victim of some mass victimisation, the logic you apply here cuts both ways also. Your lack of respect for scientific method shows your lack of understanding of it. It’s foolish not to respect the mode of thought that has taken us so far technologically. Whether you agree with other assertions made by people who advocate it or not. Or whether you feel its not all there is or not. Or even if you believe there are people corrupting everything.

No, there are some that fast that experience these things. That is very different to it being a conformable reason for these occurrences. It is a personal belief that it is the cause, and you seem incapable of realising this. This blinds you twofold. Once that you refuse to accept fasting could be harmful, and again that you may not see the other thing that was responsible for the occurrence.

Here you are again with your pseudo-evidence. ‘countless people’ whom shall remain nameless.

No, I think we can safely say simply fasting has a negative effect physically. Maybe there are positive mental effects which can cancel out or even overthrow those negative effects. I’m not denying that these things may be true. Our mood is known to have an influence on our immune systems too for example. But to say, fasting is the key to spiritual enlightenment and or cleans and cleanses your body thoroughly to the point everyone should try it is an unfounded belief that could potentially be harmful in my opinion.

Scientists are not perfect, I’m not that naive. Science can also be grossly misused when people don’t bother to check sources. The alternative, which you seem to favour however, is the very same methodology that allows cult leaders to convince their followers to commit mass suicide based on the belief an alien craft is waiting for them and that is the only way to get there. In your mindset, what is wrong with that belief? They honestly believe it is good for them and is the right thing for them to do.

Those touting this that you label ‘wrong science’ are not being scientific at all. Science doesn’t work in the realm of proving what is true or not true, those that think it does, don’t understand it. Science deals with theories, and evidence. ALL scientific theories can be disproved. That is one of the very fundamental concepts of science. It just requires evidence be presented that disproves it. The power of the scientific view is in it’s ability to make predictions about what will happen, and manipulate reality according to apparent ‘rules.’ Something that religious and spiritual beliefs are woefully inadequate at doing when compared to what science has achieved.

The statement “there is no such thing as transcendental bliss” belongs to the realm of beliefs, NOT science. Just because a scientist may say it, does not make it scientific. Adopting the belief that, I choose not to believe things unless there is evidence. Is not related to science, it’s just common among those who promote scientific method or utilise it. It’s perfectly possible to operate two standards, scientific and belief based and not have them conflicting.

Why don’t you help us out an provide links? Also, maybe you could explain how you have eliminated or made an attempt to eliminate every single other possible cause of that healing / improvement whilst you are at it, I’d genuinely love to hear how you did that. I’m sure you are a rational person and can see why I choose not to just assume that it was the cause because it happened at a similar time. There was undoubtedly a lot of meditation going on at that time, why could that not have caused it?

I’ll side with PoL on this one. Total fasting for a short period is something which people have known empirically to reset certain aspects of your health: of course, this is usually associated with a period of resting, no heavy labour or exposure to extreme conditions. There are furthermore non-total kinds of fasting, which can be way healthier than many people’s choice of diet: compare a Ramadan-celebrative sort of fasting to eating fast food three times a week and you get the picture. :smile:

As a guy who’s into both science and magic, may I suggest you both assume good faith from each other? :smile: You’re not speaking the same language here—I mean it. PoL, please don’t use internet lore as evidence: Draak is rightfully annoyed about that because it really looks like you’re trying to make your argument sound scientific. (Which is ironic, considering you’re specifically trying to debunk scientific knowledge in it). By the way don’t fast because you aspire to get superpowers: believe me, while you’re at it, you won’t. That’s not how it works.

Draak, he didn’t quite make the “haven’t just looked hard enough” argument; his argument was thin, magically as well as scientifically, and I blame that on his trying to sound scientific: miracle-makers are always a bad choice of illustration for an argument. A less controversial point, one which I think he was trying to touch as he developed his argument, is that fasting can be made meaningful and thus taken out of the context of health. People go to war: that’s no healthy, but there’s a strong meaning attached to that; a sense of nation, belonging, heroism perhaps and whatnot. So with fasting: if it’s meaningful enough to you — politically, socially, spiritually — it emancipates from such concerns, it becomes regardless of health. This is more or less what he’s trying to ellaborate here, a passage you sympathised a bit more with:

Not necessarily! :tongue: But roughly, yes. I wish this whole topic had been something like: “yeah, sure, fasting can be good as well as bad in a number of ways, consult a guru and a nutritionist and, what the hell, go for it”. Or simply put: yes, there are potential health concerns, but they’re personalised; yes, there are potential spiritual gains, but they’re also personalised. Fasting is an individual undertaking, results will depend on your own body and mind.

The weird thing is I see myself in somewhat the same way. Perhaps I have become focused on upholding the scientific view and value of it here to the point that it is hidden. I’m also not intending to invalidate fasting, merely ensuring the stance that there are potential health problems involved for everyone, is neither ignored nor swept away as baseless. Of course there are potential mystical experiences available, and even from a scientific view those are valid too. Ritual may not help to overtly further our physical well-being, but as part of a wider belief system it can help to maintain positivity, which as far as I’m aware is know empirically to be good for our physical bodies. The assumption here being that this is the ultimate goal.