Favorite video game (all time)?

I still say “Final Fantasy VII”. The game is basically perfect, barring a couple translation grammer errors. (“Off course!”) I hope the rumor is true that SquareEnix will do a GameCube remake or the 10th Anniversary (2007).

There is no such thing as the perfect videogame but hopefully if and when Street Fighter 4 is released that will change. :grin:

The contenders so far for me are:

a few other street fighter titles (SFA3, SF3:3rd Strike, Super Turbo…)
Shenmue 2 for challenging what videogames are about
Radiant Silvergun for celebrating what videogames used to be about
Jet Set Radio for being the first 3D game to actually rival the playability of 2D

Hard to say what was my alltime favorite game, but i sure wasted quite a few hours on pinball dreams, pinball fantasies on the amiga… An amiga tank game called firepower was also really great deal of fun when played in multiplayer mode.

And lets not forget lotus tubro games in multiplayer :smile:

But i have really played alot of great game upon the time, hard to decide which ones gave me most joy.

Ocarina of Time

Better dead than alien

A space invaders type of game, I used to play it on Atari ST a long time ago.

Gnohh… the memories :user:

All the Metroid games, and an old Amiga game called Frontier Elite took up both days and nights some years ago. :cool:

Suikoden II

Winning eleven 7 and NHL 2k5

I like my sports games.

for fantasy games I did happen to enjoy Fable for the xbox,it could have been so much better,but still was pretty good.

Although Zelda for SNES is still my all time fav and Bomberman,I love those old NES/SNES games.

ummm wow this is a hard question.

FFVII is awesome, The original Zelda, All of the Metal gear and metal gear solid games, Resident evil (all of them), Dark Cloud, oooo and last but definatly not least Halo.

ffviiI!!! That’s right. VIII. Everyone’s got their own opinion, but the first FF I played is still the best, IMO. After VIII, I played IX, then VII, then X, then X-2. I still say you can’t beat the unique character of Squall.

I’ll give an amen to that!

Asteroids,and the greatest game of all time…Galaga
2nd runner up diabloII, warcraftIII, counterstrike,starcraft, quakeIII,
farcry, i was going to say the all time greatest would be ping pong when it was just a blip on the screen in atari, but that game suckt…

My favorate games are
Perfect Dark

Pong! :cool_laugh: hah, joking! :wink:

ZELDA!! :cool_laugh: hands down. :content:

(SNES) A Link To The Past - My favorite Zelda game. As soon as you thought you won, you had a even larger game in the dark world. :cool:

(N64) Ocarina of Time - :smile: beautiful music and large maps!
(N64) Majora’s Mask - Odd game play with restarting time :bored: but after I won the game I really appreciated that feature! :smile:

(GB) Link’s Awakening!! - IT’S A DREAM!!! :grin:
(GB) Oracle of Ages
(GB) Oracle of Seasons - both ages and seasons contained mini-games that involve dancing, and there are whole games that use this as their main feature. (Dance dance revolution)
All modern Zelda games contain tons of mini-games. More than I can list. :smile:

(NES) The Legend of Zelda - the classic original. I played it again and the master quest earlier this summer. :cool:
(NES) Link’s Adventure - Battle system and change of gameplay was not the best. Still a fun game once you got involved.

I have won all of these Zelda games without a map or guide!! :content: I try my best to learn the least about a Zelda game until I have played and beat it. It is soooooooo much more fun that way!
Afterwards I’ll read a guide and maybe find hidden things I’ve overlooked. :peek:

Now I’m anxiously awaiting the Minish Cap!! (and I need a gamecube!! :shy: )

oh yeah, most of the Mario games are great. Especially Super Mario 64! an amazing game with great game play!

Prince of Persia, the mac and SNES versions.

I haven’t played any Final Fantasy except the FFVI (FFIII in US), but I really like this one.
My fav games are adventure games, namely Monkey Island series, LOOM :tongue: and The Longest Journey.
From other games I enjoyed playing Deus Ex.

When I first played DOOM was totaly amazing I had played wolfsteind 3D but DOOM was realy unique and any other gave was unable to reproduce in me that feelings of amazingness. :sad:

FinalFantasy in the nintendo was also great

In GTA3 i like very much the freedom you have

Ultima Online. This game was TOO good… that’s why I deleted it. It’s also the last game I really played (was some years ago) and the only one that I would say I have ever been addicted to.

I don’t currently have one but i think that will change in a couple of weeks when GTA:SA is released.

I love you DA!!!