Fear, and LD-s.

Darxide and I chatted on MSN on 8th October 2005, about phobias, fear and how to overcome them.

I’m having an extreme paranoia for ghosts aka. dead people. Even when I listen to the binaural beats generated by the Brainwave gen, I get a sense of fear in me.

Darxide suggested I go to the bathroom (at my dad’s house here), turn off all the lights so it’s dark, and stare at my silhouette in the mirror.

Strangely I got an idea there, how would the binaural beat “RELAXATION” help me in this?

Answers greatly appreciated as to how I can conquer my fear without freaking out.

Sounds like a great idea, Cid! :smile: If you download and burn a relaxation brainwave onto a cd, take it in the darkened bathroom, sit in a chair and stare at your silhouete for about 10 minutes each day you would develope some kick butt self control and will power.

Let me know how it goes!

Gonna be pretty hard, for the mirror shelf is filled with loads of bottles 'n crap. Besides, we don’t have a CD player here, but I guess my portable comp could do the trick.

Doing it in an ld ? :wink: