Fear and Lucidity

Just wondering if everybody else receives the same response as i do from friends when they talk about lucid dreaming.

Most times people are alright to talk to about dreams and the weird things that happen in them, and sometimes even controlling them.

But a few times Ive had friends look genuinely scared of the idea.
They seemed almost scared for me. Because i was into this stuff.

Would love to hear anyones thoughts on this. Or thoughts on any “fear” youve encountered on your journeys involving dreams.

Maybe there is a phobia to be made out of this.

Hmm, a few of my friends knows that i am into Lucid Dreaming, but it has become a kind of taboo, because it’s like, weird you know.
One of my friends is really interested in the subject though, and has asked me some questions about lucid dreaming now and then, and also about brainwave generator when he saw it was open on my computer.

But fear, no, only i am afraid to talk about it sometimes, if it is to people i don’t know that well.

No I have never had anyone express fear about LD ‘ing. A few may have questioned my sanity but not fear. Do you have any specific examples you can share? What were they afraid of?

Well i suppose mostly they are afraid of the idea of being inside your own mind. Like maybe they’ll get stuck there, or i will get stuck there…

almost like claustrophobia I guess.

the only thing I could think of was like them being afraid of your “soul” becuase lucid dreaming might not be a “whoelsome” or “Christianly” activity, meaning, occult, evil, witchcraft, magick, etc…

I can’t say I’ve met Christians like that (aside from on Harmony Central forums, but the topic was astral projection and how many of them have heard of or “knew” people who were possessed by Satan because of it) though… but I’m sure they exist.

They are probably superstiious folk that think you can get trapped in a dream, or trapped out of body, or killed in a dream and die in real life… I suppose… lots of people do believe those things, or at least, worry about them a bit.

Actually I talked on another forum to a guy who was scared to lucid dream because he was lucid in a boat once and couldn’t wake himself up, and then things got progressively scarier as he panicked and he fell off a water fall, waking himself up…

So… yeah, those people exist, it baffles me that they would have this ability to go back and FIX THESE IRRATIONAL FEARS and that they would run from it though, I mean, yes, it can be terrifying sometimes to explore the unknown like that, but just doing so shows you that there is a flip side to the negative and that with a few more tries you can completely erradicate all these fears and you know, learn so much about yourself.

and with that damn upcoming Drew Barrymore movie about a guy getting stuck in a lucid dream forever… well, these things will just get wrose, as the kind of dream phobic people tend to be susceptible to all sorts of unproven third hand wives tale like gossip and conjecture and superstition.

My wife got bit worried recently, because after my first high level LD (May 28th) i have kept teaching her different things about LD-s and due to fact that i spend too much time on things like that. She was even bit annoyed (and laughed same time) that i made my account in those forums here :grin:

But she is fine as long as i can convince her that i keep my sanity and that there is nothing esoterical in that, but it’s pure psychology :wink:

Just saying the word “Lucid” makes me feel like a loser. All things of the sort do. So I hate to know that my friends and family know that I’m into this stuff. They don’t look at me weird at all, I look at myself with those eyes of fear.

Trung Of Wu,

dont feel so bad about that, especially if they dont think about you as weirdo. Actually LD-s tend to make us bolder and more positive IRL imo, so it’s not something to fear, but something to appreciate instead :shy:

I agree. :smile:

Terrified of the unknown. I like exploring the unknown. I want to learn about stuff no one understands. A calm and happy-go-lucky personality mixed does that to you. :smile:

The fact that someone would be “scared” of the concept of lucid dreaming is, well, scary to me. It just goes to show how closed-minded people really are and how we are bred to be fearful of the unknown.

Regular Person: Ever heard of tiramisu before?
Weirdo: OMG! What is that? Can it, like, kill me?
Regular Person: No. It’s just a really good dessert that my family likes.
Weirdo: Oh well. . .I better stay away from that. The name is just too. . .freaky.

Okay, that was a little exaggerated, but I get fed-up with people and their silly assumptions about EVERYTHING.

*No more ranting, I promise! (At least for tonight.) :wink:

isn’t tiramisu coffee cake?

And thanks guys. I’ll keep that in mind…

Well I have a friend that is into LD as much as I am, so if I see him in my dream and tell him i’m dreaming he will say something like “Awesome man, lets go fly around town!”.


I’m just glad we call it lucid dreaming instead of like, something more occult sounding (like astral projection) or NO ONE would listen to a word you have to say.

Like if they called it astral dreaming or something.

Even out of body experiences are too “evil” or "weird’ or “not real” for people to want to talk to you about them… but I guess pretty much anyone would at least briefly talk about the concept of lucid dreaming.

[quote=“holy reality”]

but I guess pretty much anyone would at least briefly talk about the concept of lucid dreaming.


Anybody almost would talk about Astral Projection or OOBE’s for a little bit too. They’d just most likely go “WTH is that?!? It sounds evil. I better stay away from it and you for practicing it.” or something similiar.

thanks for the replies…

Its good to see that most people know what im talking about.

My Mum finds the subject incredibly boring. The rest of my family/friends are not particularly interested. But they’re not too worried about it affecting me.