Fear and Uncertainty.....Need some advice

Im new to the forum, but i have had a few lucid dreams in the past couple weeks, since learning about them. My question is this…Is it normal to have feelings of fear or paranoia while falling asleep conciously?..i have had a couple of similar OBE’s , and since then i feel a sort of presence in the room when im trying to do the WILD technique…is this normal and should I just ignore it…or is there some sort of actual entity in the room?..please let me know…

Hallucinations, in my opinion. Research “old hag syndrome” for more info. :smile:

yeah…thats what i thought----thanks!!

I think you already found all the info you needed in the “Old hag” thread.

If not. That’s absolutely normal. I’ll try to give an explanation.
Consciousness use to stay in the same state (waking or dreaming). When big switches occur in consciousness, we generally lose it. But when we practise WILD, we just don’t want to lose consciousness, thus we experience this switch. Novelty of this experience causes panic crisis. :cry:
In a first time, this panic has no other cause than consciousness switch. But then we add thoughts to explain this abnormal emotion. In a dream, thoughts become immediatly images, and that why monsters appear. :bored:
When dreamers get used to this, they do no more experience fear, and they do no more see Old Hags, nor other freaky stuff.
Believing in the reality of these “entities” is the best way to increase fear and get awful nightmares.
On the other hand, when you think they’re are just harmless projections, or for instance try to kindly speak with them, asking them why they are here, what they want, who they are, etc. fear disappears and you generally become indifferent to them, and can go in another part of your dream. :smile: