Fear - The Biggest Spoiler.

Yest i was close to achieve LD. This was the first time i was attempting WILD. Kept my remainder at 3:00 AM yest and became aware 10 mins even before it bleeped. My body was totally paralysed and this put me in great fear. I then moved physically and switched off my remainder and the whole fun was lost. Fear played spoilsport yest else everything would hv been perfect.
Any suggesstions on how to overcome fear? Has anyone experienced this before?

Watching this video made me less afraid of SP: youtube.com/watch?v=vRoaM1PyvAw

Just hearing that other people go through the same thing and come out all right is comforting, I suppose. :smile:

You know, I was also afraid of sleep paralysis the first times I’ve tried WILD. Everytime I tried to do WILD, I jumped straight out of my bed as soon as I felt my body being paralysed.
The human body often gets scared by experiences, which he never had before. For example, the first time I saw a rollercoaster, I promised myself I would never go there. However, as soon as I tried riding it, it became more and more fun. So the key here is experience - the more you have, the more fun it becomes.
Try to look at SP as your “friend”. This function of the human body makes sure that you have a good night sleep. If you didn’t have SP, you would wake up in every dream, fall out of your bed and be sleepy all day. So look at SP as a defensive function, which you should be thankful to.
Also you should try “enjoying” sleep paralysis. It may be hard at first, but the more you experience that feeling, the more you get used to it. It is actually relaxing and exciting. When at first I had trouble with fear, now I have trouble with the excitement when doing WILD. So SP is actually a delightful feeling, rather than a scary one.
SP is a gateway to a wonderful world of LD’s. If you get used to it, you will succeed.

Wish you good luck. Remember, it’s all your body, you’re the king. Don’t get scared by the things your body does.

I’ve never been in SP, but this song really helped me out when I was scared of the slenderman in my first good(-ish) LD. Here’s the story before the clip, if you didn’t see the movie:

SPOILER - Click to view

Spongebob and Patrick set out on a quest to recover King Neptune’s crown, and later in their journey, they come to an abyss, and they almost give up because they think they can’t finish their quest because they’re kids. Mindi the Mermaid come to “turn them into men” (Put seaweed on their faces and call it mustaches) so they can keep going.

Anyway, even if you don’t like Spongebob, that clip really does seem to have a deep meaning to it (Hopefully you can get the full effect without seeing the rest of the movie). Watch it or else! :happy:

Sleep paralysis is nothing to fear, man. I know it’s terrifying at first – especially when you get those crazy hallucinations of succubi and what not during it. I actually had an SP experience in which I felt a great deal of physical pain in my body. It felt like a demon was mounting my back and scratching the heck out of my skin. I even hallucinated the sensation of blood pouring out of the claw marks! However, just bare in mind that there are no real demons in the world created by your mind. They are all just aspects of YOURSELF and there is nothing to fear.

Just remember it’s all natural and you do experience SP multiple times every single night and you always have since you were born. The only difference is that you’re normally unconscious during it.