Hey, I’m totally new here >_>;
i can’t seem to lucid dream because whenever i realize that i am dreaming, no matter how normal or pleasant the dream is, i become insanely frightened, and try desperately to wake up (and usually fail because of sleep paralysis :razz:)
and when i do realize it’s a dream…everything seems to get darker, and the world melts away. it’s very scary, i usually close my eyes and try to move, talk, or stop breathing (outside of the dream) to wake myself up
any ideas on how to fix this? :confused:

Well this topic is named after me …how nice :tongue: … the only thing you can really do is just try to get use to becoming aware in the dream. The feeling should pass after a couple of LD’s and you will be able to have all the fun you want :smile:

What are your main expectations and goals about lucid dreaming?
I’m not very good at psychology. I used to be, but that was then! But anyhow, I would say that you are young and don’t know yourself quite well or are affraid to know stuff you won’t like to.
But then I saw the GIRL simbol and I thought… well I might be wrong! :eh:

Has this happened a lot of times to you? Which technique are you using?
I think a way to get passed that problem is actually getting passed that problem! :content:
I would try to get used to those feelings and try to get over them. The next time you LD try to make shure to stay calm and overcome that fear. Try to do something fun instead of trying to wake up.
Remember it’s only a dream and nothing really bad can happen to you.
I read somewhere, someone reporting that they hugged theire fears in a dream. Try doing that, hug whatever frightens you in your dreams!
Hope this helps! :content:

For some reason there’s a whole group of people (I’ve seen here) that get afraid in thier dreams; you’re certainly not alone.

I personally find comfort in my own head.

The best way to remedy this is to just to listen to the advice of other lucid dreamers. Most of us have experienced fear in one form or another but you need to work through it. For some people who have never had a lucid dream but have have been trying, actually experiencing their first lucid dream can be frightening because in a way they are entering unknown territory and the experience can be very intense.
What you have to tell yourself is, the only thing to fear, is fear itself. Once your mind really takes on the idea that there is nothing to fear from dreaming (lucid or otherwise) this fear will dissolve. In fact there is less to fear from a lucid dream than a non-lucid dream because you are in control of a lucid dream and can choose your own passage through it.
Don’t let fear hold you back. Just remember that most of us have been where you are - we’ve all been in the same boat. So take some confidence from those who have been there before you, and if you persevere you will experience lucid dreaming as an amazing and intensly pleasurable and enlightening experience.

Hi Xaphie! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Everybody has given great advices, so I really don’t know what to add. :content:

Frightening in LD and trying to wake up is not a very good reaction. The dream tends to reflect your emotions and state of mind, that’s why it gets darker when you’re afraid, etc. When you try to wake up suddenly, you often are in SP, as you noticed, and so you are in what is called “hypnagogic state”, between waking state and dream, in which you can experience hallucinations like buzzing, sudden noises, etc. That’s not very reassuring, too! :tongue:

So, the only thing you have to do is breaking this vicious circle. I don’t think it’s difficult. Just plan an action to do in your next LD. Useful actions could be: performing a RC; shouting “I’m lucid!” in order to increase your lucidity.
Or imagine something you would like to do or find in a LD. When you will be engaged in doing this, it will modify your state of mind, and thus the content of your dream.

Instead of reacting with fear, choose another reaction. For instance, in a LD, if you meet a terrible monster and are afraid, it will run after you. But if you attack him (kung-fu, magic balls, bazooka, as you like :wink: ), it will be easily defeated, sometimes he even fears and runs away. :rofl: If you speak to him kindly, he becomes a friend, etc.

In conclusion, always remember that you don’t have to be afraid in a LD, cause nothing can harm you.
Have good LD’s! :grin:

Also don’t close your eyes, that’s usually a way to destroy a LD to me (either I get a LD without visuals or I wake up).

this could be because you are seeing something your not sure what will end up like but it could aslo be just from stress.You should also remember when you are trying to calm down, dont think if you arent able to, something horrible will happen, if some1 pionts a gun at you and sayes if you get scared ill shoot you, you are 90% likely to get shot … or so.u just need to take it step by step and remember that what u feel in dreams is only in your head

Read the sections of overcoming your fears, and listen to whatever EVERYONE has to say, but i want to add some advices while i’m at it though many may have mentioned it by now:

I’m not trying to pass for being a psychologist, but i offer my best advices i know

Oppose your fear. Remember, dreams cannot harm you physically, but very few people may experience psychological problems during dreams due to improper actions taken.
Become lucid and be a “tough guy” and do not fear whatever it is. If it’s a monster, stand up proudly and shout “You are only a part of me. Submit to my will!” If the monster resists, defeat it in any battle style you can think of. I’d prefer RPG or Tekken style :cool:
Hug the monster in the beginning, or demand a gift after the monster’s defeat if you fought it out with it.
Make the monster fear you by doing something that would intimidate it, i.e bringing a bigass Ion-Cannon in your hands, make a scary voice towards the monster, or cast magic spells from above missing the monster to demonstrate your powers (To mention 1 per cent of what you can do :cool_laugh:)