Sometimes, when I’m very tired, I start to hallucinate. Happens a lot when I WILD. First it starts out as shadows, then ghostly figures, then glimpses of things that look real (But not possibly real, like a little white cat with no face other then about a dozen eyes)

To top it all off, not only when I close my eyes do I feel that someone might be sneaking up on me, but I sometimes get gruesome images in my head, and I have to open my eyes and shake my head. Very frustrating when I’m trying to focus on traveling into the dream world. Sometimes I stay up for hours not wanting to close my eyes, eventually just passing out from exhaustion.

The only thing so far that has helped is turning on all the lights around my room and the hallway. Which makes it very difficult to fall asleep. =\

Anybody got any suggestions as to what might fix my problem? :confused:

Don’t get that tired. If you get a good night sleep for about a week you might notice they will go away. I sometimes get like that when I only get 6 hours of sleep for a few nights in a row. Mind you, not as strong as you, but still the same idea.

garbage in garbage out

you have to be calm and embrace them without attaching to them, without fighting them, and without tolerating their presence

letting yourself notice the very subtle thoughts that cause them to manifest and learning to release those thoughts before they create more thoughts strenghtening images

the mantra OMMMMmmmmmmmmmm is very powerful for cleaning out absolutely all negativity

obviously, do not EAT anything with your eyes that would be disturbing to a c hild
as in horror films, violent games, etc unless you are of a studious mind to learn their spiritual lessons,
to engage in enjoying violence and the ghastly amplifies the images in your mind

immersing yourself in things that are purely wholesome will give you the highest bliss and clean up the images

but you might be in the psychic, so, OMMMMMmmm and ignore it.

This might seem kinda morbid, but if you train yourself to tolerate and even enjoy gruesome images they will go away. Watch a lot of violent horror movies and desensitize yourself to the point that you no longer care. You will find the images in your mind will be much more neutral at this point.

Yeah, it seems like terrible advice, but trust someone who has tried it. It works. This is the whole idea of facing your fears. In order to overcome and crush your fears you must become them. Embrace your dark side and you will find strength.

By the way, it’s interesting you said a cat with no face. In my early experiences with lucid dreaming roughly 5 years ago, I encountered a black cat with no face. The room was dark with purple clouds everywhere, so I couldn’t tell if it had any eyes. But I identified that creature as the embodiment of all of my fears of the paranormal, and as I suggested to you, I became it and embraced it, therefore overcoming it. I actually use it as my symbol these days.

If you resist them, you will cause them to reappear. They are only images, they can’t hurt you. There is no need to fear them. Study them with curiosity! And desensitize yourself that way. No need to watch scary movies if you don’t want to. If you really are that bothered by mere images, you will benefit from desensitation. There is no value in being easily frightened. You don’t have to LIKE the images, just TAKE them.
I myself would actually like to see a cat like that, I appreciate weird things.

The same thing used to happen to me, I just pictured my self destroying the images or something like that, like hugging them, or making them turn into fluffy kittens XD. They don’t bother me anymore. Try making them turn into something good, like a fluffy kitten =D XD Or just picture yourself defeating them.

Arsennio- That’s a very good idea, thanks =D

Eyelids- I like your ideas, too, and calming techniques like that mantra may prove to be very useful! But I’m not sure what you mean by eating things with my eyes. Are you suggesting that I don’t immerse myself in gory things like movies and games? 'Cuz I usually try to avoid that stuff…

Darxide- Desensitizing may seem like a good idea, but when I view those sorts of things, my imagination just runs away… The images in my head aren’t regular horror movie scenes, like ketchup looking blood all over a werewolf or something, but I instead come up with very realistic, very horrible monsters in my head, usually mutilated in some way that would be impossible to pull of with most special effects… Unless they used computer graphics or something… I dunno, they’re not just regular, run of the mill horror movie types of images, they’re very very elaborate. And usually the ‘milder’ stuff causes my brain to snowball until I come up with something horrible like that, even if I think it looks fake and funny. So I dunno if desensitizing will help or make me come up with worse things… Lemme give you an example… You know in Saw (2 or 3, I dunno) where the guy has a key in his eye, but just can’t bring himself to cut it out? Well, I imagined him stabbing is eye, having the fluids run down his face, then carving out chunks of the eye and taking little pieces of meat with them from the socket, then sawing through his skull bones, all the while imagining exactly how it would feel if I did the same thing x.x I always have to put myself in that situation and feel like how I really would feel, like the pain and fear and sadness of never being able to see my loved ones again… (By the way, I’m talking about the images in my head when I close my eyes. The things I see walking around my room aren’t gory, just creepy like they’re waiting for me to turn my back so they can pounce on me…)

krakatoa- Hmm, I’ve never thought of it that way. Sort of like how you’re supposed to give your nightmare monster a hug if you want to end the nightmare… I just never thought about hugging a hallucination! Oh, by the way, that cat was flippin’ creepy =3 Like something that wanted to eat your soul, lol!

SPOTXONXMYXBANANA- That’s a very good idea! =D Maybe I could start imagining myself with a big mean looking guard dog that likes to bite hallucinations on the butt =D Or maybe I could just cut out the middle man and turn them into puppies!

Well, then my second suggestion would be to just see it for what it is - a creation of your own mind, ya know? It’s really not that bad. Yeah gore is disgusting, but it’s not that bad. Especially when you know it’s not even real.

That’s true. Thanks =3