Fecking up my first experiment!!!

Ages and ages ago I was experimenting with LD initiation. Infact, it was my first shot at LDing!

I tried using MILD, and spent almost 3 hours repeating, again and again (in my head of course) 3 sentences (Which I can’t remember exactly. They were along the lines of “I will remember my dreams”, “I will know when I’m lucid” and “I will get lucid”, or something like that :smile: ).

I had begun to get this strange feeling across my body. Like a wave. It felt like every cell in my body was joining in with one big mexican wave, starting at the bottom of my feet right up to my hair! A weird, cycling patern filled my vision in time with this waving.

However, I started hearing some very nasty sounds comming from my bathroom. It sounded like some kind of small rodents were attempting to kill each other. Being twelve at the time, I was very scared, and ran across the hallway to my parents room, and asked my mum if she heard the noises. She hadn’t heard a thing, and she had been awake the whole time.

Am I right in believing that I was very close to having what had the potential to be quite a strong lucid dream?

I believe you were having HI, my friend said that he heard a whooshing noise, like a hover, then a bang, of a metal pole in one ear, then repeated in the other. I think you need to stay calm when you hear the noises, and hopefully you will slip into a dream.

Hi Jacky-woo!
What you were doing looks more like WILD than MILD. In MILD you just have to repeat the sentence, say 20 times, then you fall asleep. If you try to enter a dream consciously, it’s WILD.

As Bullseye said, you had auditory HH. So you were almost dreaming.

I wonder how you would be able to tell what rodents trying to kill each other sounds like heheh

Yes you were. You now need to relax and learn to develop the abillity to lucid dream freely. Good luck.

This sounds like the feeling I had yesterday. Really, I read how you describe this feelings, and it’s the same way I felt it. It was the first time I really tried to tell myself that I’m going to have a dream, that I’m going to know that I’m dreaming, and I also set my goals. And then I concentrate on my breath. And there it was, that warm, strange feeling from foot to head, just like you described it. It was a cool experience, although I can’t remember my dream.