Feedback on #Six's WBTB Method

Hey guys. Still trying to have my first LD. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on this technique.


That sounds like it would work good, I’ll set the 9900 to go off 5 hours after i lay down to sleep (prolly take me a half hour to sleep) then do it.

LDs sound so amazing, I hope im able to get one eventually

what’s a 9900 ??

Whits is my friend from school. The 9900 is his cell phone that he constantly says is better than mine. WHICH ITS NOT. Nokia 6600.

I dont understand something of this method, he put the alarm on at 4,5 hours from the moment of sleep.
Then at 4,5 hours he turn the alarm off, and keeps looking a object with the eyes opened?, he imagines a object?, dont understand

I think this is a WBTB method mixed with dream incubation (in this case his clock?)…

Yup he sets his alarm to go off 4.5 hrs after he falls asleep. When the alarm goes off, he then stares at the clock, counting up to 60 seconds. Then he closes his eyes and tries to imagine what the clock looks like, whilst counting up to 60 seconds. Im assuming when he’s visualisng the object his body actually falls asleep before his mind and he finds himself in a dream scene.

As far I understand:

  • he wakes up after 4.5 hours of sleep.
  • he gets out of his bed and he does a sort of meditation, sitting somewhere, focusing on an object and repeating mentally “I’m dreaming”.
  • then he goes back to bed, lies down, close his eyes, imagine the same object, and repeat again mentally “I’m dreaming”.

I think so.