Feel fear during SP

Hey everybody, i saw the movie called “The Ring”. I’ve scared everytime i go to bed. I’m practicing LD but in any SP i feel EXTREMELY fear. The questions are
" How can i get out fear in SP and each time i go to bed ? "
" How can i get out of SP ? "
" Can i LD without SP ? "
//Sorry about my bad English

1.Try not to think about anything scary or creepy.
2.Not sure, but i think that holding your breath will stop the SP
3.Yes, there are tons of other ways to lucid dream.

thx for your comment
holding my breath will stop the SP so my LD stop too ?

Why are you afraid of SP in the first place? Do you think it will hurt you or anything like that? That doesn’t happen. SP is just a natural mechanism, which takes place every time you enter a dream. It makes sure you don’t move and wake yourself up, it makes sure you don’t walk while asleep or fall out of bed and hurt yourself etc. It is a natural feature of the human body. Maybe the thought that it is natural and everyone goes through it each night will help you.
Another thing - all the fears are in your mind. Try to perceive that. All the threats and scary things you visualize are imaginary and will not hurt you. It’s all in your mind. If you happen to have horrifying hallucinations, watch it passively like a TV movie, or think about something nice. Either way, it’s all in your mind. Why fear it?
Third thing - SP is a gateway to Lucid dreams. You can use it to induce a dream, which is a very nice feeling. There are dozens of guides in this forum about it. Read a few of those and apply them to yourself to have lots of entertainment. Maybe the thought that SP will lead to some amazing LD’s will help you out.

Now about getting out of SP. If you are absolutely terrified and nothing else works, you can easily get out of SP and wake up. Do this:

  1. Calm down. Many people start to panic. This is a mistake. It is understandable if you are scared, but panic makes matters worse. Breathe deeply.
  2. Once you have calmed down, try to feel your limbs, starting from fingers and toes.
  3. Gradually try to move yourself; Again, starting from fingers and toes, then move on to hands and arms etc. until you can freely move.
  4. You should be awake now. If not, you need to calm yourself more. Breathe deeply and start again. It should work.

You ask whether you can LD without SP. The short answer is: No.
During every dream you are paralysed. As I said before, it is natural and programmed into every organism. Signals from our brains to muscles are blocked and therefore we cannot move. That happens everytime you are in the REM sleep stage, a.k.a. dreaming.
However, even if you are paralysed, you don’t need to actually feel it. When I’m dreaming, I do not feel paralysed. It only happens when you get out of the dream world. So just stay in the dream until you wake up naturally. That minimizes the probability that you will wake up paralysed. Even when WILDing you might succeed getting a LD without feeling SP. It depends on the person. Simply said, it will always be there, but you won’t necessary feel it.

So I just advice you to get over your fear of SP. Sleep paralysis is a great thing to enjoy. I personally like the feeling. And it leads to Lucid Dreams. Try to stay out of bad thoughts, don’t let your fears ruin potentially amazing LD’s and experiences.

Hope this helps! :smile: