feeling death

in a dream that i have had twice i was a warrior and was fighting this scorpian thing who threw poisen that kills in seconds. I was running to jump on top of something to get away and the poisen hit me. I fall to the ground and everything turns black except for a timer counting down until i die. this crazy sensation of death comes over me but i don’t fear death in this life i didn’t in the dream. i looked foward to it. but it was wierd since i could feel. then the timer runs out and i die. but then i wake up in a hospital and then i wake up for real.

Interesting dream, WM (then again, aren’t all dreams intriguing :content:). I think you should seriously interpret that dream :yes: I don’t ever recall actually dying in any of my dreams, but yours (among others) has given me the unusual urge to “die” in a dream and see what happens for me :uh:

But…I did have a dream where I got in a serious car accident (high speed, flipped vehicle, flames, twisted metal…) and thought I was dead, but also woke up in a hospital in which the dream played out further…perhaps you didn’t die in your dream and that’s what waking up in the hospital is supposed to mean (sorry, I’m terrible at interpreting dreams :shy: )

Or maybe waking up in the hospital is a symbolization of being “reborn…” :astral:

Or maybe it’s a figurative death and a courage in you died shurg:

As for the timer…I couldn’t honestly say…

idk what its about, but i had that dream twice.i could see myself waking up in the bed like an OBE but idk. i will see if i can focus on that dream more to have it again.

Last time I died I came to nirvana, nothing special about the last seconds… I was killed once in a fight, I felt my body move through the ground, like in third person view, and I woke up, pretty terrified.

Sounds like a nice dream, I wrote once in an essay about something similar, based on my own dreams about death.
How was the timer? Like white in a corner? Or did you see it “with your own eyes”?

everything was black and there was a white counter in the corner