Feeling half asleep in LD / increase lucidity

Hey everyone!
Since I’ve started lucid dreaming again, I’ve had three lucid dreams in about two weeks (using MILD). Only that I definitely lack lucidity as I don’t act like I would in real life, so I don’t manage to properly maifest the dream.
My main problem though, is that every time I become lucid, I feel very close to my sleeping body, and the dream feels very blurry.

For example, when I first became lucid my boyfriend and we were jokingly fighting, and for some reason I started pinching myself because I thought I was doing that with my sleeping body (idrk either).

In my next dream I actually managed to control everything more, I started swimming under water, but again, I felt myself drifting away to my bed, though I’m convinced I wasn’t actually waking up, it rather felt like I was being pulled into another dream layer, which seems to happen to me a lot.

Tonight that feeling kind of reached a peak, as I became lucid and was talking to my boyfriend about being lucid in the dream, but I was convinced everything I was dreaming was actually happening irl and I was just sleep walking. I referred to it as being stuck in a “dream loop”. I kept doing reality checks and then joked with my boyfriend about the fact that I was still sleeping, all while talking to him and walking around.

It’s a very odd feeling, maybe I’m struggling to comprehend the fact that my body is in another place than my mind and that’s why I keep associating the two, but it’s kind of starting to bother me and I have no idea what to do about it since my dreams are still too blurry for me to have clear thoughts in them.

Has anyone experienced anything similar, or do you have tips on how to overcome it?

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I don’t know much since i started 3 months ago and i am 12 but here is my recommendation:

That’s great,i MILD as well,no other techniques fit me.

It might be that your subconcious is not convinced that you are dreaming or you might have to stabilize the dream.Try this by saying ‘increase lucidity!’,shake your hands and/or spin around so that you might be fine

Another way would be imagining there are a pair of special glasses that make you see better,imagine putting them on and you will surely be able to see clearly :thumbs:

That is a good way of doing a RC though.

Again,it might be thar you need to stabilize the dream,type down ‘stabilizing dreams’ in the LD4all search engine and there will be ways on there and my method from above.

Again,stabilize is key essential.

What i want you to know here is it might be because you have just started LD’ing and forgot to stabilize the dream Try stabilizing the dream first and then try the special glasses wearing mentioned above earlier.

You should probably try and make a DJ here in LD4all and see how the tips go.If this is your first post,welcome to ld4all

2)Special Glass Wearing
Hope these tips work,if it does not,let me know.Again,try and keep a DJ so you could record dreams in LD4all.

Have fun on LD4all :grouphug: @soluci

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Thank you so so much, especially the stabilising part is really helpful! And the glasses are an incredible idea, I’ll definitely try it out and let you know on my progress. :slight_smile:
I started lucid dreaming when I was your age too and it’s cool to hear that it’s working out so well for you and you know so much about it.

I forgot to something.
You know that pushing into a dream layer feeling yiu mentioned earilier.It might be HH or HI,use it to LD

thanks ,so sweet!

Hello @soluci, welcome to ld4all!

That’s very impressive progress already. Like TheAstralDreamer said, you need to get a more firm foothold in the dream. This will both stabilize the dream and increase your lucidity. Now as previously pointed out, you can find a lot of resources on which techniques you can do and you may have to try a handful to find one that works really well for you.

But there is a problem. It’s easy to apply these techniques once you have good control over your dream. But from what you describe, your dreams are rather half lucid dreams, or low level lucid dreams. It’s often hard to do anything on purpose in these dreams. So in order to use a stabilizing technique, I suggest you prepare beforehand both your intent and your attitude. Basically it’s about conditioning your mind.

Before you go to bed and preferably every now and then during the day, tell yourself that once you attain lucidity, you will perform technique xyz and also focus on the result (increased clarity and control). If you are using MILD, I guess you could incorporate this also directly into your induction session.

And there is something else. I don’t have particular personal experience or data on this, but I heard that there is a strong connection between your general awareness in waking life and the quality of detail in your dreams. Since you describe your dreams as blurry, this might be interesting for you. Especially so if you find your normal dreams also don’t have a lot of detail, seem rather foggy and kind of have tunnel vision.
I tink this definitely applies to me, so I want to work on this myself. How to do this? Well, it’s difficult. And it requires work. Basically you need to increase your waking awareness. There are a lot of resources on this on the internet because that’s also a recent trend among non dreamers for personality development.
To get you started, I relay LaBerge’s advice: every now and then throughout the day, indulge in an awareness session for a few minutes. Take in your surrounding. See with your own eyes and realize what you are seeing. Try to not let the cortex of your brain do too much abstraction already. Don’t see a traffic jam, see individual cars, which color they have, what shape they are, what patterns their backlight is, what are the tires like, what is the road like, what is the surrounding and the sky like. Try to see as much detail as possible (there is that word again).
Then apply the same to hearing, smelling, tasting (a little optional), sensations at the outside of your body, sensations inside your body, feelings you have, thoughts you have, become aware even of your own awareness and consciousness. If you are religious, it’s also a good opportunity to involve your spiritual situation. Personally I also like to add a reality check or two once I’m at it.

This will probably take a long time to have any effect, but it depends on your personality I guess. During the awareness focus you will realize however that you are able to perceive so much more than in your normal daily routine. The ultimate goal is to make this your standard and to get rid of most of your everyday auto piloting. This is called lucid living I think.

I am not sure, but I think there is also somewhat of a downside to this. I tink the daydreaming part in me is important for creativity and solving problems related to that. I’m a software engineer and I tink it helps me digest abstract problems that are hard to tackle in a full outside-world-awareness-mode. So I’m not 100% confident it is always an improvement to your current life. But I often find the universe is quite balanced in such regards and you merely have to set priorities on what you want instead of trying to find the optimal way of achieving bliss and happiness in your life.

Ok, I trailed off quite a bit. Good luck with your quest for a full power lucid dream :wave:

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Yes,i agree with @Marvin
It might also seem like your experiencing hypnotic jerks,they are what you call 'the being pushed into another dream layer feeling’and do not worry,thats ok,since everyone has it from time to time if they are lucid dreamers like us.All yoh have to do is follow them and you might have a chance of lucid dreaming with it

And i agree with marvin,you kight have a low level lucid dream,but that is ok,keep improvising with the tips we have given!

Yes,your welcome,the stabiliaing is a really important step to keep you lucid.Of course,post your results as sson as you have a lucid dream.

Hehe :devil:,i wouldn’t say that i know that much about it for my age,i guess if you say so :cool_laugh:

Yes,i agree.Before putting the stabilising you need full atttude and intent,good point out @Marvin!

I guess what you mean is autosuggestion?Using autosuggestions will lucid dreaming really helps .Like saying,i will attain ___ when lucid dreaming

Agree,try @soluci

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Thank you so much for this reply!
I think what you said on lucid living is a really interesting take, and honestly I can see where it might be coming from for me now. I live in a pretty dangerous area, so I tend to focus on always being alert and ignore other impressions instead. Of course that’s not always the case, but it really might be making an impact because I scan my surroundings a lot differently than one would usually.
The quarantine sounds like a great opportunity to try this out and slowly incorporate it into my life, though!
This was pretty eye-opening to me and I’ll definitely try focusing on the details as much as possible, as I’m pretty sure that that’s very important not only for dreaming but also life in general, and now that you’ve said it, I’ve realised that most of my day to day life I’m always either working on my phone, or filled with adrenalin, and that’s probably not quite optimal :stuck_out_tongue:
My dreams are usually very detailed, especially visually, and I mostly only get blurry lucid dreams, but I think the point still stands.
Yesterday I’ve tried incorporating the dream stabilisers into my reality checks, and I think that might be helping, because it gets a routine going that I could take up in my dreams as well.
Another thing I figured I’m probably missing is good sleep quality (from various internal and external factors), so maybe because I sleep rather lightly, that might be interfering with the dreams too, and possibly it’s why I feel so “close to my body”.
I’m already learning a lot here, so thank you again and have a great day!

Yes, I always try to do that before I go to sleep!

I agree,lucid living is 1 of a kind.

Of course,great to be sensetive around dangerous places.I tend to call myself the dangerous guy :devil:

Of course,although im 12,i am always busy doing stuff

Keep practising,it will work,trust me!

Yes,sleeping duration time is probably one of they key factors,try upto 8 hours of sleep!


Be sure to post experiences next time!Sorry,i have nothing to say since marvin has got everything down for you,xD

Anyway,be sure to post any queries if you have any,you might think i am smart,i am not,x3,or you might think i am not,lol.Anyway,post if you have had any success,we are there to support you by every way possible! :cool_raz:


[Edit]I forgot,is this what you meant by those falling feelings

Remember,you can use that to induce lucid dreaming.It has been there for every Lucid dreamer.Keep on sharing your success or queries,they are very warmly welcomed


Edit 2:Thanks to your question,i made a tutorial or FAQ if you would like to call it of not having those unblurry dreams,look at this link,and i will post more on saturday.Now i ask myself,am i smart?? :devil: :bow:

Hi soluci,

If you cannot see,tricks work but think of this(sorry,i should be thinking),is there something wrong with the eyes,no.Since there are no eyes in dreams,that is mot possi le.This is youR lucid dream You are in charge,if you cannot see,shout for clarity,something liks ‘This is my dream,make it clear now! Because without me,you will be dismissed’

But if course,if you want,stabilisers will work,you can use tricks like stabilisers,but for certain stuff,know thar you created dreamscape.You are the programmer,the brain is the robot.You are in charge,not the other way around
HOPE this would have helped!