Feeling in lucid dreaming

I had a question,
as i read, apparently it can be a very amazing experience to touch things in your LD or feel how it is to turn yourself into something else?
Also reading that you can’t be hurt in a dream, well if you can feel warmth from the sun, and feel dream objects, why don’t you feel pain? Or can you? Or is it more an emotion you feel rather than actual physical feeling?
I’m confused…

As an answer to the first question, pretty much anything can be amazing in dreams, if not for the only fact what you are perceiving isn’t real, but instead just a sensory illusion generated by your mind. Nonetheless, it can get as real as reality itself, and even beyond that :content:

For that reason, it is completely possible to feel pain in dreams, but most decide not to because it can be easily associated with negative feelings, and can break focus, which could compromise the dream stability.
Anyway, if you think about it, pain is a little bit of both, first a simple physical feeling, and after an interpretation of the mind of what has caused it, with resulting emotions as reaction.

so basically, if you chose to feel negative feelings, and let that get to you it would? but if you don’t want it to, which most people im sure wouldn’t, then it wouldn’t?
that makes sense lol.