Feeling of haste and urgency in LD

Hi Dreamers,

Almost every time I become lucid in a dream, I get a very hasty and urgent feeling. This is not a rational thing, but more something that happens when an LD occurs. It’s like I am afraid the dream will end quickly and I have to do what I want as fast as possible.

Often this results in short LD’s in which I don’t get around to doing much at all.

Does anyone have expericence with this and some advice?


It was exactly the same for me at the beggining. It’s a really annoying feeling but as you get more LD’s it get rarer. Don’t worry, you just gotta practice.
Try to tell yourself that the next time you get lucid you will focus on yourself a bit.
Like rubbing your hand and looking around you for a bit then deciding what to do next.

It goes along with the quality of the dream aswell. For example I am way less in a hurry in a high lucidy dream than in a low one.

To sum up, just relax once you get lucid and don’t think about the dream ending. Just focus and enjoy :smile:

Hope this helps, good luck !

Funny thing is that for me, especially when my dream didn’t last long at all, set goals would lead to haste. Start by focusing on your environment and yourself first. As yoy said before me, rubbing your hands, looking around.

See something interesting? Then do something with it, instead of chasing after hard goals. That way you will certainly make something of your dream, AND it keeps the dream stable. When your mind starts to wander, even if it is to dream goals, you’re lost. Especially in the beginning.

Yes when I was new, and when I’m out of practice, this happened often.

Spend some time telling yourself before you go to sleep every night, even out-loud, that you will remain calm when you enter your dream. You’re going to be running on instinct for the few moments when you enter a dream, and you want your SC to be programmed to keep you calm.

This happens because you are very excited and want to be in the dream world. Over excitement will wake you up out of your dream.

Thanks for the replies everyone.
I guess you all agree. And you are right. I’m totally out of practice right now, decided to pick up LD’ing after a year or two. I’ll be sure to set myself to relax and go with the flow.

Practicing, even in fantasy, what you’ll do once you’re lucid in a dream is helpful. Something you could include in a “lucid dream rehearsal” is a feeling of utter calm.