Feeling of lucidity

IS waking up in ur dreams scary or exciting

For me it’s kind of both, but that’s just me. I have this weird thing where I get/got a bad feeling everytime I became lucid, but in my recent complete LD I got past it and it was exciting! :cool_laugh: Although, the whole time I felt kind of weird like I had a knot in my stomach or something, but I hardly noticed.

When you first become lucid you’ll probably be excited.

I’ve never been able to understand how any part of lucid dreaming might be scary to some people. I mean, sure you’re experimenting with the most powerful forces of your subconsicous mind, but I’ve just never felt that anything could go wrong. My first LD was accompanied by terrific excitement (which also brought about it’s quick demise) and never was I thinking that something scary might happen.

Unfortunately, since the dream is determined only by what you can imagine, some people’s dreams quickly tend to degrade into the worst nightmare imaginable. Has anyone ever seen a movie called “The Sphere”? It’s about this alien artifact found in a submerged spaceship with the power to bring anyone’s fantasies to life. Unfortunately, the people who found it kept thinking about horrible creatures trying to kill them, so that’s what happened. Dreaming (in all forms) is exactly like this.

Here’s my advice: Think happy thoughts. Set yourself a pleasant goal that you plan on acheiving when you become lucid. Just keep your mind on something positive. :smile:

“Just keep your mind on something positive:)”

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What im scared of lucid dreaming is that i mite be lucid in a nightmare and i don’t want to be lucid in a nightmare

yeah, i have thought the same thing, i think that when i become lucid that everything will become scary because i’m afraid it will. This kind of happened when i was a child, before i knew anything about lucid dreaming, For instance, one of my dreams i can remember having when i was a child, all i could see is a dark doorway leading into a pitch dark room, i realise that i’m in a dream. Knowing your dreaming might be good, but when your a kid and you dont know about lucid dreaming, it can be scary because instead of looking on the bright side and saying “Anythings Possible, i can do anything i like” you tend to look on the not so bright side and say “Anythings Possible, there could be a giant monster in that room that will eat me”. So i’d freak out and wake myself up. but nowadays after learning about lucid dreaming that doesnt happen anymore, your just so excited about being lucid that you dont even think about scary things.

Many times when i have woken up from a lucid dream, i think back to the dream, and the situation in the dream. if i was there in real life, the feeling would would be totally different. A recent lucid dream, i was in an abandoned run down shop, with rubble and wires everywhere, but i was excited and didnt care about anything, if i was there in real life i would be kinda scared, worried that the roof will collapse on me. the feelings in lucid dreams are a fair bit different to the ones you would have in the same circumstances in real life.

My last lucid dream I was falling throught the sky when i realised i was dreaming. I landed on the ground and founf myself in a nightmare while being lucid. There were many robotic monsters coming towards me, very scary stuff.

Usually in this trype of scenario I would run away but because i was lucid it was a totally different experience. Instead i thought i would like a gun and one appeared in my hand and i began to obliterate my enemies. Then there were just too many of them coming for me so i thought i no longer want to play this game and just made my enmy dissappear. Then i went on my way to enjoy the rest of my LD.

At no time though was i really scared. It seems when i am lucid nothing really can get to me because i know i am dreaming and i control what happens.

I don’t think I’ve ever been afraid when or after I go lucid. The feeling of absolute control overcomes fear of anything that might happen and in fact, makes lucidity feel a very safe state when compared to, say, the waking life. After all, we are inside our own heads. (Which initially seems a pretty weird concept.)

I think what can feel more scary about things related to lucidity, is the actual process of acchieving it. Things that happen on the verge of sleep, like sensations of falling, being paralysed, a sudden voice that you could’ve sworn was your father, your body vibrating and eyes flickering, etc. Upon doing a WILD/OBE, I started to drift sideways from my physical body, even tho still paralysed and not capable to voluntarily move my dream-body. Things like this, while extremely fascinating, are a bit scary at first. However, NOTE: Nobody should be afraid of these sensations or stop attempting lucidity because of them, you get accustomed to them and in a short while are eagerly welcoming them as a sign that you’re soon in for something awesome.

For me, the feeling of being lucid is more an issue of tension than it is fear. When I become lucid, I start to fret over not wanting to wake up too quickly. I begin to worry that the dream state I’m in is too fragile to last more than a few moments at best. I begin to think of myself sleeping in bed while the dream is happening and that I could wake up at any moment. Maybe that’s the source of my problem as a beginner. Maybe my lucid dreams last for only a short time because I just worry too damn much! :blush: