Feeling of shaking (Start of WILD)?

Today I first woke up at 5:10am and decided to fill my head with thoughts to wake up. After half an hour I lied in the bed and started trying to sleep. I began half-dreaming after nearly next half of a hour (some kind of dream projection began when I was asleep; these projections differ from dreams because I’m awake when seeing them and I can stop them or change into daydreams). After few minutes of a half-dream one of H-DC’s started to repeat one phrase without end. Then everything started: I felt like my head was heavily shaking (I wasn’t moving though), I saw very vague strips “flying” on my eyelids and I heard rhytmic voices of something like percussion. That lasted for ~5 seconds and than stopped, but I didn’t fall asleep. I thought this feeling won’t happen to me in a long time, but I had another half-dream that also ended with a H-DC repeating quickly one phrase, which affected with these feelings, just a little longer and I felt it stronger. Could it be that I hypnotized myself? :eek:

Edit: I have now an idea to express what I saw: it was like bad vertical hold in TVs, so the picture looks like an old-fashioned movie tape being rolled too slow, and you see these black stripes between frames flying from up to down. I had something like that, like the frames were black and these stripes vere yellow and vague. More - I think i didn’t saw them, they just… were.

When you were shaking, and hearing noises, you were very close to entering your head. You would have been seconds away from a LD or OOBE. My first LD happened similarly. Vibrations, accompanied by loud sounds, like a kettle boisling, whistling, and a jet landing, which was accompanied by bright flashes of colour. To keep calm I started counting, and after about five seconds it all stopped. I then opened not my real eyelids, but the eyelids of my astral body, inside an imagined version of my room, and from there I found a window and flew off. I’ve only done it like that once. The important thing is not to get either excited of frightened. You have to pretend that you’re bored and couldn’t care less, else you show your brain signs that you are still concious, and your body doesn’t shut down.

:cry: I was so close…
But I know I can, and I will try :wink:

It is tricky, but stick with it, and eventually it will all go right and happen.

Good luck.