Feeling pain and numbness in my dreams

I’m not sure if this is the right place to talk about this but if its not mods please move it to the right place :smile: thank you

Anyways Maybe a few days ago I was dreaming about how I was at my old school and I struggled to find my class. When I did eventually find my class I was the only one in there and sat down and cried im not sure why but it was just kinda sad for some reason and when I sat there for a bit and I saw my principle walk through the door he was looking at me like I had done something. He had a syringe in his hand and I told him what are you going to do with that? I told him I did nothing and he should not do this to me. But he did anyway he stabbed me in the chest with it and injected whatever was in it into my blood stream. While that was happening he was looking at my face and I was just amazed what was going on. I was feeling pain when he had stabbed me with it and I could feel the numbness of whatever he had injected into me. He left the room and I sat there waiting to see what would happen to me. I noticed after maybe 20 seconds or so my vision started going blurry like the drugs had been kicking in. And I also started feeling numb. I remember trying to fight off the drugs but I told my self to stop and see what would happen. I remember thinking"What will happen next." After a bit everything started going black and I could see nothing but blackness then I realized I was awake. When I returned to my waking life I actully felt numbness like from my dream and I was like WOW what a weird dream.

Has anyone had this happen to them??

Yeah man that’s completely normal. I feel pain in my dreams all the time, it’s all in the mind you know. Once I dreamed that a shark was biting my foot and it hurt like hell. And another time I dreamed about getting stabbed… that sucked big time. The feeling you had when you woke up could have been 1 of 2 things. Either you were sleeping in an awkward position and cause the blood to stop flowing to a certain part of your body causing it to feel numb, or you remembered that you felt numb in your dream and your mind was causing the feeling.

I feel pain in my dreams too but normally only when something is happening to me in real life like I’ll have dreams of me falling and when I have ones where I actually hit the ground instead of waking up the second before I hit the ground I know that I fell off the bed and hit the floor haha, so something has to happen to me IRL for me to feel pain in my dreams.