Feeling things?

Last night I had a really weird dream, but it was as if I could feel it.

Kind of a perverted dream, but hell, what do I care?

So I was at my old school, except it was like a brothel, and this woman brought me into this room with a beautiful lady, and I talked to her, and then we engaged in sexual intercourse, and when we were kissing, it was as if I could actually feel her lips on mine, and whenever I felt her breasts, it was also just like a real life situation.

I’m wondering if it was a lucid dream since I could “feel” what was going on? But I don’t know, I remember I woke up after it happened, but, I haven’t tried the lucid dreaming stuff in a while.

Any suggestions or comments? And yes, I know that it was a perverted dream… I couldn’t help it. :shy:

Haha. Everyone gets those :tongue: . But unless you knew you were dreaming and took control of the situation then no it wasnt a lucid dream, just a very realistic one. Like sometimes people cant tell if they’re real or not. It just happens.

Alright thanks a lot. Atleast I feel a bit better about it.

Just kind of an embarassing dream, but, yeah. :cheesy:

So you’re saying that your normal dreams by nature are not very vivid, and you don’t remember experiencing much sensory input? I find this hard to believe. Some of my most realistic and vivid dreams aren’t lucid. Hmm.

Anyway, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Just about everybody here has had dreams with a similar plotline. :smile:

Well, this is the first time in probably the past week that I’ve remembered atleast one of my dreams (I’m pretty sure).

And certainly one of the unusual ones.

I had an LD recently today that it was 911 again. The towers started collapsing but a little bit vivid. I felt the rocks scratch my skin when i fell. But ussually most dreams are not vivid at all.

A lucid dream is simply a dream where you know that you are dreaming, it doesn’t have to be vivid nor do you have to excerise any dream control at all, as long as you know you’re dreaming your lucid. And yes, plotlines like yours are not in any way uncommon and a plotline like this means nothing about you as a person.

The thing about dreams is that if you don’t think about certain perceptions they aren’t there. Like usually I don’t think about smell. And I can only remember one dream right now with smell, wich was a lucid dream in wich I focused on smell at the time. The sme thing happens when you kiss someone because the point of the kiss is the feeling so that is what you are expecting. Also I think sexual dreams are possibly the most natural thing in the world. We are wired to procreate.