Feeling Tired in LD 's

Last night I had a cool series of FA 's and LD 's and I really couldn’t be arsed to do anything with the first few, cos I was way too tired and I was layed in bed, so I just wanted to lay down and watch everything around me…does this happen to anyone else, where they just feel too damned tired to do anything in an LD ?

Oh yeah and does anyone else use their LD 's to meet fictional characters? Lol, maybe I’m the only one…ooh Irvine! :wink:

Meet? From your recording on the other topic, I thought you had other interests… :wink:

If you want to prevent this - you need to remember you’re already in a dream, you can do anything, that your tired feeling is just an illusion.

Well, by meet…yep, Irvine is the God of LD stuff, although he’s a bit of a git and either doesn’t turn up, or makes me wake up…never done anything yet…I WILL DAMMIT!!!

OK, I didn’t know whether it was actually me being tired (cos you know, you are kinda concious, and if you’ve gone to sleep you have for a reason) or whether it was just my mind (cos as you said, I AM sleeping, so it shouldnt matter, thanks!)

Do you have a fictional character you would like to ‘meet’?! :cool:

PistGurl I have this happen too sometimes and I think it’s not an illusion at all. It only happened with MILD in really realistic dreams, but haven’t had that in a while to see what can be done about it. Maybe increasing lucidity helps, or just focusing on something exciting (the freedom!) will get that tiredness lost.

i’ve experienced this a couple times too. it was really weird, one of the nights i got REALLY drunk the night before so i thought that might have something to do with it. but the times that it happened when i was sober, i was sluggish and lazy even when i got up in WL.

i just figured i was running low on mental energy shrug

disclaimer: i am NOT advocating drinking as an LD induction method. usually alcohol goes against dreaming rather than helping it :yinyang:

final fantasy! :cool_laugh: muwhahaha ya i don’t wanna meet i wanna go through the whole game in my dream! :grin: but if i had to choose sombody to meet uhhh yuna, or rinoa :happy:

you mean this irvine right? the final fantasy one?

Yeah…thazt one…mmm…ok, my avatar is him, although noone can see it cos this site doesnt have a search button…I cant use any avatars, anyway, yeah, really…Irvine, that one.

If that is the case, then you might as well say that being tired in waking life is an illusion. I really don’t think it’s an illusion. I think you’re just tired. Like when you are tired in real life. Although everything happening to your dream body is an illusion, everything that affects you mentally is considered very real.

Thats what I first thought, as when you’re drunk you are drunk in dreams, as in another thread, most people agreed that real life things could cross over into sleep…but you ARE asleep, so you really shouldn’t feel tired. But as in my case, where i started dreaming as soon as i was unconcious, it would make sense that seeing as you’d only just gone to sleep you would still be drained of energy. I dont know, I guess that’s why I started this thread lol! Just keeping it going!