Fever dreams / Lucid fever dreams?

Ok, so i dont know how many people have had a fever dream but if you have you know how insane those can be. so i was wondering, has anyone had a lucid fever dream?

When i was 5-7 yrs old (forget) i had a fever dream that was soo simple, soo horrific and memorable, i must explain this just too see how many others have experienced this (maybe from a spiritual type of LD?). and in the dream i felt semi-lucid, but as the waves of fear came, instantly id be so shaken so much that any trace of lucidity would be gone, and it would continue like that.

All it was was complete white, i must have been standing on something but i wasn’t in a room or anything. in the distance came ropes slowly creeping towards me just above the ground (mid shin height,) perfectly streched out. as they got closer the rope opened up in the middle, revealing what looked like another familys life in realtime. the people i saw were happy, from the things i saw the only real memorable image is that of a mom holding her baby, both happy. the rope would open up into its image-like abyss maybe 3 or 4 meters away, then closed right before me, almost like it meant to devour me but then changed its mind just in time. so it would go back into the single rope and i was soo scarred and pressured to jump over every one, and running never crossed my mind( i couldt move:fear.) ill always remember how i could feel the vibrance of horror shake my heart and soul before every jump, followed by apathy untill the next rope approached.

Ive got another dream (to this day i question if it was even a “dream” anymore) i could share, tho ill wait and see how familiar anyone is with this untill i post it. Thx

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I have a recurring ‘fever dream’. it’s very strange but always creeps me out when i see it. it involves a GIANT bowling ball rolling down a wood floor, it always makes me feel sick watching it. I never quite understands why it creeps me out but it does :bored: .

i had a pretty bizarre fever dream while i had swine flu and i was actually the most lucid ive ever been, sometimes i would open my eyes and be in my bed and other times i was in a life or death battle with some huge soldier/monster thing. And it seemed to last for ages

so you keep getting the same dream or the images come back strongly in WL?

The dream isn’t exactly the same every time I have it, but its generally similar. I often feel before I go to sleep with a fever that it’s ‘coming’ (its less creepy than it sounds), and then I’m asleep and its just there. often after waking up the imagine is still strong in my mind.

Fever dream… is it a dream that you see while you’re sick with fever? If it’s so, my fever dreams have always been unusually BORING! Unlike my other dreams, my fever dreams tend to repeat themselves a lot, like a record that is stuck or something… :neutral:

yes they are when you dream with a fever. mine was repetitive in a way but also very real, it was like if you were having a LD and at the same time you didnt know where you were (like not knowing your body was still asleep) but still conscious.

I had some amazing lucid dreams a year or two ago when I had a bad fever. I got some incredible ideas from it.

Yeah, my fever dreams are very repetitive as well, and often VERY simplistic. The most recent I had was that I was playing cards. For like 3 hours straight, I kept trying to play a card on a certain pile, but I knew it was the wrong pile, so I’d take it back and then think and then play it on the wrong pile, and it was the wrong pile and I’d take it back and … For 3 hours!!! The whole time, I was soaked in sweat, shivering and dead tired.

I can’t ever see having an LD while in a fever dream, it’s even less lucid than a regular dream and doesn’t seem to have enough substance to go anywhere.

My fever dreams are booring too…and when I’m sick I always dream about my legs lol , I wonder why…

maybe because i was young it was more lucid

Really? My fever dreams were amazing, I had one about this rocket launcher touting bounty hunter, and then one where I live in this nice house and was entertaining a room full of beautiful women, and then one where I was watching a medieval city and these maidens descend a staircase. And finally one where I was wandering around these office buildings at night and I could see these evil spirits that influence people’s moods.

These were basically like daydreams but way more vivid. I would see something and then from there I would form it into a scenario just write the story myself and watch. I didn’t really get to live it though, it was like watching a movie. maybe it wasn’t LD but it was amazing.

thats awsome, so you created this from third person, cool. sometimes my dreams go into third person, like last night i was watching my own made-up episode of the office in third person and it was positioned inside a car watching pam & phillis saying some funny stuff (that should have been a time to RC.) tho i couldnt choose were it went because it was a ND…but yours doesnt sound normal, maybe it was a LD that you only felt was limited to third person.

That could be, the one where I was me was actually in first person now that I think about it, the other two were not. Cool dream, if only you could remember the dialogue, maybe it would still be funny!

lol i kind of do remember what was happening tho. pam had a scab on her upper chest, and phillis was trying to kiss it better, pam was weirded out by it and struggled to keep her away. phillis said something like “it’s what women do.” that was messed up.

I don’t remember any of my fever dreams, but I have chronic migranes. If I don’t take anything for them and they get really bad, they trigger insane dreams. :content: I compare migranes to the pain and symptoms of a fever without the temprature. For some reason I feel like it’s the pain, not the temprature, that gives me the weird dreams.

i believe your right. even when i get headache and i go to be i even get a weird sensation in my head that lets me know ill be having a crazy dream.