few Q's :)


alright well i have a few Q’s

-Is it really possible to connect dreams with somone i have read allot about this but i would like someone to tell me their experince :wink:

-Also can i find my subconious and hotwire it so before i go to bed and say like magic our somthing that i would go into a lucid dream that night is that possible ?

-Why do weaird things happen with mirrors … My first lucid dream i had a weaird experince with a mirror???.. (now for a little story ) SOO well i walked toward a small mirror and i saw my step-dads face (he has passed on) but when i walked closer i was normal and when i stepped back i turned into like a zombie with very fluffy hair and it was like brown( i have short hair thats black) But anywas i turn around and thier is a bigger mirror taller then me i touch it and the mirror gets on me and then i was like wow and stuck my whole arm in it and it started to bubble on me and it hardened and started to chip away. But the side of the mirror stuff that was on me was white not mirror.
But yea why does weaird stuff happen ?

  • Is it possible to slow time down like imagin a clock and see it like slowing down ?? IF so how is this possible ?

thats a few Q’s please answer :happy: :woo:

And i’m new to this website so go easy with me

sinscerly mirror :mirror:

Q1. Recently, I had an LD where I met up with my friend and we went to these old ruins. I described the location to him, and he had the same dream… He is one to never lie.

Q2. I’ve only seen one mirror in my dream, and it was fully functional…

Q3. People try… the clock thing is possible, but time-wise… it’s definitely possible, just hard to slow down time…

I sure hope i don’t have that many typos…and that this helps you,and that i’m right :happy:

Ok thanks everybody for your answers :content: thanks for answering the conncected dream i really wanted to now about this thank you and for all your other replys :smile:

sincerely your neighbor hood friend mirror :mirror: