Few Questions. And some dreams/nightmares.

I don’t understand…Like i’ve read somewhere that you can watcha novel while your dreaming or evenread a book. What does your brain just make up the novels and books etc? And if my brain is making them up how can i be sure there right? they could be a load of b/s. Also i’veread somewhere about meeting the aurthors of the books in your dreams, what if you don’t know what he looks like and the questions you ask how do you know there going to be right? the answers he gives are generated from your head they could just be made up and be total crap. :confused: I only recall having on Lucid dream and i was bored out my face i was only little and all i can remember is actaully trying to wake my self up. I was just standing in my kitch walking round and round till i woke up and it was soooo dam boring i thought to my self when i woke up i never want that again was like a real long dream and felt like agggeeerrrs so i felt bored for so long.

But now few years later am searching around I watched nightmares from hell which interested me cause i’ve always enjoyed the odd nightmare i never get them anymore, and only one nightmare scared the hell out of me and i don’t even remember what it was about i just remember waking up rapidly and just breathing heavily, although i do remember parts of this dream as i had it alot when i was little it was about some kind of train race and if you lost you lost your soul and actaully writing this brings a slight tear to my eye and am a hard guy :razz:. I want to go back to this dream and know what it was about i want to know more about it and this is the first thing i intend to do when i gain the power to Lucid properly.

I remember one nightmare i was looking in a mirror and my eyes starting swirrling like red etc. And i woke up like wtfff that was dudey. But i was still a bit scared.

Since i’ve moved house and grown up, more i have less nightmares infact i don’t recall having any nightmares. I remember 4-5 Dreams a night and all of them i remember ussally in great detail I even remember speechs from my dreams from along time ago. One dream i remember was like resident evil but the zombies were massive i claimed up a drain pipe into a window and remember my mum shouted up stairs for my tea, this was years and years ago and i recall longer speechs etc.

Few nights ago one dream i had was class i was back in school but the house my old mate used to live in was the school it was high tech with it owns seating plan on the computers I loved going to meet my friends at school and going to lessons like maths to just chat with friends but I never really enjoyed the learning part I loved pissing of the teachers etc etc, so my last year was realy just going into school for lessons i enjoyed and at dinner time on my bike I put my name in the school seating plan as Iven the terrible that aint even my name i’d heard it from a film that i watched before i slept. Then I was going to go home and the a girl begged me to stay in school as they used to. And i remember walking through school like old times talking to friends.

I loved sharing my nightmares with my best mate, and i sometimes even wrote my own little storys of them.

I get know nightmares these days but i remember dreams 4-5 dreams a night and i remember them to the max eventhe first dream. I remembered stealing some of my dads…and i dont even smoke the stuff but i did in that dream, then i remember being on stage with mates from school on prom night…i didnt even go to the prom night but i remmeber saying to zoe and shane that id been here before, then we argued about it and then we argued about why i was wearing a jumper and shane was wearing to shirts and complaining one was a jumper.

I’ve got many dreams to share. I hardly ever right them down but i remember most of them. If anyones interested in me sharing more I’d love to :smile:.

And another thing i think i gained lucid last night but i woke up this was a long dream but il just cut it short me and a mate ran from a shop onto a bus and thenI was sitting down i said move over to a matei sat down the bus driver got up and said stay still and stop movingthe bus was still going I thought to my self wtfs going on here were going to crash, then i thought dream and woke up almost straight after that. And the dream started in school with a weird teacher we pushed through a growd of students were in a shop then johnny was buying alan a cd player i said tape player would be cheaper we went out shop johnny had cut through woods to get home we got on bus that lead up to that.

Hope you can be ass’d reading :content: If not fk it tbh :razz: dont read it.

WOAH i wrote more then i thought lol. cba reading through see if it makes sense tbh i hope it does lol.

Btw this all leads up me wanting to learn lucid dreaming just so i can explore the only nightmare that made me really scared and i have no idea what was scary about it.