Few things I noticed...

Hey everyone this is my first post and I just had my first LD that lasted for more than a few seconds and I have some questions.

1:I started my dream with my glasses on and found everything was extremely blurry, like to the point of being almost blind, but when I took my glasses off I found I could see perfectly. Anyone else experienced this?

2: I noticed after a while everything was tinted blue for some reason, until I got outside. This doesn’t happen in my normal dreams.

3:I found that I constantly had to rub my hands together or remind myself I wanted to stay asleep or else things would get fuzzy real fast. Any ways to keep this from happening?

1: That happens to pretty much everyone with glasses. When this happens in normal dreams, people usually get lucid.

2: That’s how dreams work! :yes: Everything’s even more abnormal once you get lucid. Probably from the shock of getting lucid for the first time.

3: Just keep saying in your mind, that you’re dreaming. And don’t worry. In your later lucid dreams, you could be lucid for even 20 minutes! :woo:

Hope you have more wonderful LD’s! :smile: