sup, i was just wondering whether, if when your in an LD whether u can like start big brawls and whatever of fight huge monsters without waking up, cause i rekon i would get really excited and shit and wake up?

I have done a lot of Diablo-style monster fighting in my dreams. You can do whatever you want in a LD! If you get too excited, you might lose lucidity though :cool:

i had this kewl dream last night, thoug i cant really remember specific details and stuff. Well i was fighting a “thing” (human like i cant remember… stupid dream recall :content: ) with two huuuge swords, they had like a black eire aura around them (the swords…). And i had one of those katanas like the one “the bride” from kill bill has.
Well we fought each other and i was jumping of walls and spinning and turning througout the fight, it was very kewl. me’za likedz the dream :grin:

You don’t always wake up when your exicted. I rarely do (then again, I managed to force my excitment back down again).

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You won’t get any more exicted pulling of Matrix stlye killing against hundred DC’s then if you had just flown to the moon.

I’ve noticed that when I really start to think about my physical body, for whatever reason, I wake up. Now this is great if I ever wanted to wake up, but not when I just want to enjoy a LD. Ever wanted to not think of something, but not wanting to think about it makes you think about it more? That’s the problem I have.

From your post it sounds like you have not tried it yet. So, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is, do not put any negative associations in your head. Believing that something will happen if you do this or that in your dreams often makes it true. So stay positive and expect your dreams to go the way you want them to.

I don’t have any real LD fighting experience. I think that it might be difficult to allow the DCs to fight you in an LD. Just a few nights ago I was LDing and a sinister DC entered the room and I told him to leave. He didn’t and I told him again. Then I got up grabbed his head and basically squashed it inbetween my hands like a tomatoe (think when the robot kills his master on animatrix). There wasn’t any resistance.

During ND I have had many fight scenes especially lately. The cool thing is that even when I am not lucid I am clearly controling my dreams. I always win the fights. I can jump of huge buildings and do all sorts of awesome things. My secret agent dreams with rooftop gun fights etc are lots of fun, so this would be awesome to experience in an LD.

On another note I have become lucid while fight three italian mafia men before (this was one of my first LDs). Then it was like straight out of the matrix, like when neo says stop and the bullets stop. I just said stop and they just stood there looking at me and I flew out the window.

Like I have said though I don’t have much lucid fighting experience so I’d like to know how it turns out.

Yeah i have had ND fights, like a god dream where me and this other guy were having this crazy god battle in the middle of this hallway, in lotus position we were pushing this bullet back and forth between us.
was quite cool

thats madness guys i cant wait, yeah i only just found out about lucid dreams in the last week, and yeah i figure i would just work on dream recall first so that i will remember the lucid dream when i have one, up to 5 dreams a night, and yeah. i’m still finding it hard to concieve getting into a lucid dream through MILD or WILD like it seems to me like DILD would be the best go, like just try doin heaps of RC’s and shit during RL then see what happens in your dream.

I’d say do lots of RC’s during the day (if you have alot of spare time, try taking one every couple of minutes), keep a DJ, and do a tech as well.

Trust me. If you don’t use a tech, you’ll have alot (and I mean this) fewer LD’s.

I started off with no tech, and it was along time before I got any.
When I started using MILD and WBTB, I started to get them alot mroe freqently.

Do NOT rely on DILD. Yeah, you may get the occasional one from it, but using a tech would be alot better.

actually, in my lucid dreams, the dream characters are the onces initiating the fights, arg…

I think that keeping a dream journal and doing RC by its self will work and you will get some lucid dreams out of it. You also want to have a strong intention to have lucid dreams along with this.

I just want to point out that MILD and even WILD are not as hard as you think. When you think about it. With WILD all you are doing is telling yourself that “the next time you are dreaming you will remember you are dreaming” ( or some thing like that) as you fall asleep. That is really all there is to it.