FILD Experience

I couldn’t find the introduction forum, and I’m not that good at introducing myself anyway so here goes.
I’ve been trying to LD on and off for years now. With no success. I have high motivation and good dream recall though. Anyway, last night I tried a WBTB and FILD technique. So I woke up about 5 hours later, got out of bed and browsed the forums for about 50 minutes. Then I went to bed.
I relaxed for a bit and tried the FILD method. I started feeling a sort of shaking motion but then it died down. I tried an RC but it failed. I continued this again a few times but to no avail. At this point I must mention I have a VERY active mind and I am always sidetracked after a few minutes of thinking about something. I still concentrate on the matter at hand, but also end up (almost subconciously) thinking about other things.
So, after failing a few more times I lay in a different position. I used the FILD technique, felt the wierd wobbly sensation then opened my eyes. And the wierdest thing happened.
I was still, but the room was getting lighter, slowly, as if morning was arriving, but faster than that. Note that I could only see the wall as I didn’t want to move. So yeah, it was as if I was in SP maybe but time was fast forwarded. After a while I sat up, did an RC, and felt demotivated as it failed again.
Anyway that night I had a reasonably vivid dream. But nothing special.

Any tips? Thoughts? I’m happy to hear them!

So when you’re trying this, is it at the beginning of the night or later on after you had been sleeping for a while?

Rhewin, he said he woke up about 5 hours into his sleep so I guess it was then.

It could have been a false awakening, you were dreaming however the rc failed (sometimes it happens). Try doing multiple different rc’s to make sure you don’t miss a dream.

Or it could have just been your mind acting up. Your mind can do funny stuff quite randomly when you are partially aslleep, I have many stories of this but thats for another topic.

Oops, read too quickly :shy:

Ok, you said you have an active mind. Because of this you might want to experiment with staying up a shorter amount of time. I’m the same way, and I’ve found that if I write in my DJ and then go right back to sleep I have a better chance with WILD/VILD/FILD. It’s also nice because writing in my DJ keeps my mind focused on dreams.

Also, if you’re having a hard time concentrating, try visualizing a dream. Imagine yourself in a dream and doing a reality check and things like that. You might have better success this way. Any active technique will require some tweaking, so play around and eventually you’ll find what works for you :content:

what is FILD?

Finger Induced Lucid Dream - it involves moving your index and middle finger and this movement is translated into your dream state.
Thanks for the replies! I’m going to try a bit of WILD tonight to spice things up. I’ll keep you posted!

Could you explain the FILD technique in more detail please?

Here is a link to the FILD Topic: link

The topic calls it HILD as this was it’s original name, but it is the same technique.

Thank you Rhewin! I understand now. :wink:

It’s supposed to be quite good.
Last night was a fail - I didn’t even manage to get into SP! For some reason my legs started to feel scarily wierd, not like my other experiences with SP. Anyway, thank you everyone.