[FILD] instant lucidity anytime!

Hey This Will B Short Atm Cause Im Typing On Cellphone Lolz. I Had Discovered How To Reach Sp (i Think Cuz I Get The Transition Feeling And Hear Hi/sp Sound Or Whatever) In Like 3 Secs Of Trying. Could B Blessing From God :d But I Think Every1 Can Do It. Months Back I Tryed It Couple Times And Stoped. Why,cause It Only Lasts For Arond 5-7 Secs Atm Newayz. Well I Had Only Tried Couple Times. Then I Discovered I Could Use Fild With This,cuz I Get Same Feeling Of Energy Rush/leaving Body/sounds Etc As Fild And Assumly A Wild. Well Atm I Wont Tell Ne1 Cause They Might Steal Tech And Name It(unless Mods Tell Me I Have To Lolz). But I Will B Willing To Tell -Hargarts- Since His Tech Is Apart Of This And Im Quite Fond Of His Work. So Imma Go Test This And Hopefully Have Others Test This Soon. Dont U Just Love Sharing : D Btw Im 17 Yrs Old And Am Inspired To Do This In School. Lolz I Tried It In Class So I Think Positions Like Sitting Doesnt Matter( I Had Head Laying Down)

You’re in school? Maybe you shouldn’t sleep there. :sigh:

OK, Haggard, it’s up to you to translate that and then please tell us! Instant lucidity would be nice. :happy:

Lolz Does Hargart Even Get On Still? Well Anywayz If And When ITdoes Work, I Will Call It Malac/hargarts Instantanious Lucid Dream Tech = Mhild. Could I Change The Ld World As It Is? Stay Tune. Btw I Think It Has Something To Do With Force/tricking My Brain Or Something, A Clue #0

Malac, do me favour. When you’re not on a cell phone and actualy at a computer. please post your results of instant LD cus I really need it, and not by cell phone as I cant understand your posts.

Please can some one tell me what a FILD and a HILD is please.


Malac if you post the method and it works how can someone steal it from you, just start a thread called Malac/Hargart’s ILD and then if it works then it will become known as you/Hargart’s method right?

the best way for instant lucidity is to master meditation.

yeah, whats a FILD?

This is a FILD. It was originally known as HILD (Hagart’s Induction of Lucid Dreaming or something) but was discarded and renamed, as HILD already referred to Hypnosis-Induced-Lucid-Dreaming. The name was changed to FILD so it would be known as “Finger-Induced-Lucid-Dreaming”, if I recall correctly.

Yes, that’s right Ne0.

I’m really interested by MHILD. Does it require being good at WILD? This could be the first WILD-ish technique that works for me :colgate:

Please do share.

Internet Is Down, On Cell Again. Day . For Me To Test I Must Perfect Fild ( No Wrry Not U Guys,and Its Easy). I Managed To Create Some Nice Sleep Tech. 1. Imagine A White Letter In Front Of Until U Get Tired.( These Should Help Them Light Sleepers, U Must Do Fild At Least Once To Know What To Expect Or Wild To The Transiton Part Thats Y Im Sharing These Sleep Tech). 2. U Know The Good 2-3 Sec Feeling U Get When U Roll Over, Well Hold That Feeling And U Will Get Tired Fast. 3.(very Effective) In Bed, Try To Pretend (really) Thatu Lost All Knowlede And Logic And Ur Head Will Get Crystal Clear Head, also Imagine Brain As A Sponge Effect Absorbing Noise Ect Around U To No Where ( Dont Concentrate On Noise Tho ) And The Toppings On Pie, As U Do This Imagine U R Looking Past Eyelids Calmly Around Room (visualize ‘outside’ The Darkness. Now #3 Will Help With Going To Sleep And Prepare For The Later Section :smile: Btw, I Looked Around To See If Dream Without Rem Was Possible And Am At 3 Conclusions.CheckNextpos

I am very excited, sounds very interesting. And get the jyst of it. Chances are I will not do it properly though… maybe I’ll wait for a more comprehensive write up. Thanks for the posts, it must be hard to type on a phone :happy:

This Is A Cont. From My Last Post… 1. Read Its Possible Without Rem But Not As Vivid. 2. Read Without Rem U Astral Project, Which I Believe Is Another Lucid Dream. 3. My Method Might Trick Brain Into Rem, Slow Down Brainwaves(or Speed), Or Force Brain To Create Dream World. :smile: Btw Hargarts Or Any1 Else Feel Free To Share With Me How They Fild From How They Realize Point Of Falling Asleep(methods Like Hands Falling To Alert When And Etc Can Do) To How Long Is Finger Movement Etc To What They Visualize And Xtra Stuff Will Help. To Use My Method Ill Discuss Soon, I Found That U Have To B Still And Relaxed, Not Very Tired Lolz, But Ima Try Diff. States ( Tired As Hell,tired,relaxed,full Awake Etc). Feel Free To Discuss Ideas Here :smile:

I seriously can’t understand one bit of that, and I’m much too tired to make a real effort. I’ll check back later when your computer works.

Malac, you can probably choose between lower case, upper case and upper case in the start of the words in your phone’s text editor. The symbol should look like an “a”, not like “Aa”. That will make the posts a lot easier to read :cool: I can also recommend Opera Mini, it is a free web browser for mobile phones that both displays and sends text correctly. The character limit is still there, though.

lolz i see how it works, thx:-)

I don’t think you can trick the brain into REM, yet reading that has my eyes in REM they feel strained…

Out of all that gibberish (sorry but it is) i can’t make out anything new.

It’s not unheard of, spontaneously triggering REM that is.


It is possible to WILD without WBTB, which is essentially the same thing. Also, you still dream in other sleep stages, non-REM. Those dreams are just usually harder to remember.

I did FILD right the first 2 times and I can’t do it anymore!! what’s wrong?