FILD question?

Hello everyone! This is my first post on LD4All =]. I hope that this is in the right subject.

Anyways,I’ve been trying to FILD (finger-induced lucid dream) for the past couple of days. I’ve searched this question, but it doesn’t seem to have been asked yet.

Is it absolutely necessary to perform a WBTB whilst attempting a FILD? What if I was still extremely exhausted/still close to sleep while going to bed? Would that work? Or, would I have to wake up after a few hours? Thanks!

(first question, ftw :happy: )

Hi and wellcome.
No, it’s not necessary but makes it a hell lot easier,
Since the whole idea is to fall asleep so fast that you don’t loose your concentration and the fingers are some kind of timer for you to do RC.

IMO, the best method is to wake by autosuggestion and don’t move out of bed then do FILD before you fall asleep again (which will be extremely fast)

Cool, thanks. Autosuggestion is just telling yourself what time you’ll wake up, right?

yes, try to tell yourself you will wake up after a dream.If your good with autosuggestion it won’t be a problem, if not just MEAN it when you say it…few times.It will happen :smile:

Good Luck

Cool, thanks :cheesy:

Hey Guys how ya doing? :content:

Tonight’s gonna be my lucky night i hope! Well i use WBTB then FILD every night sleep around 12-1 maybe 2:00 sometimes i wake up around 3:30 or 4:00 I wake up and Im so tired and when i shut my alarm off in a few seconds im fast asleep any tips on how to keep me awake for a few mins while i try FILD should i take the covers of so im cold keeping me awake for a few mins while i do the technique should i use the bathroom before i try??

Yeah and i think WBTB is important and helps alot right??


Harry :grin:

Hey Harry!

Yes it is best to try the FILD with the WBTB method.

Im going to give it a try tonight as well and going to see what happens.

Good Luck :happy:

Hey! Good luck on your attempts! I don’t really suggest going to the bathroom, unless you have to. If you become too awake, it’ll be hard to go back to “sleep” mode if you’re like me. I would suggest just shutting off your alarm and maybe meditating for a few mins. You will feel relaxed. Then, when you’re moving your fingers, just concentrate on them. You just might find yourself somewhere else when you open your eyes (dreaming, of course :tongue:)

I have used FILD before, but not paired with WBTB. It worked, but I forgot how to do it properly, and woke myself up 3 or 4 times before entering an LD.
I’ll try again, but this time I’ll be sure to do it right and couple it with WBTB.

Autosuggestion rocks. :content:


Awesome! Good luck! Lol, I told myself to wake up at 7 AM for a WBTB, but I ended up waking up at 10 lol. Oh well, practice makes perfect, right xD

Thank you, and yes, keep practicing.
7 am? What time do you sleep??

Around 2:30 AM (summer :tongue:)

All this is assuming you have the willpower to wake yourself up in the early hours of the morning, I can sleep through a lot if I feel tired :smile:

Welcome Uberlemming :wave:
I’ve been training myself to wake up naturally 5 or 6 hours after going to bed. I’ve mainly used a bit of autosuggestion and willpower. It’s been working very well. I don’t hinkk it’s hard to get used to it. But yeah, if I’m really tired I tend to sleep more :lol: